30 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Stay There Forever.

30 Wedding Ring Tattoos That Will Stay There Forever. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Almost all married couples wear wedding bands and a diamond ring on the wife’s ring finger. Whether the couple had a full-on ginormous wedding, a small intimate wedding, or eloped in a wedding chapel in Vegas – wedding rings are almost always involved. It’s an old tradition that we keep up to this day because it’s the best way to let people know “I’m off limits” without having to actually say it. Nonetheless, a mere ring is something you can take on and off whenever you please. If you want real commitment, you should consider matching wedding finger tattoos. This can be in addition to your weddings bands or replacement of. Either way, it’s definitely something you cannot take off. You can get a tattoo of a literal ring, your spouse’s name, your anniversary date, or anything at all that symbolizes the special bond you share with your special someone. Take your time to really think about this and be creative! If you’re lacking some inspiration, take a look at some of the wedding tattoos below to help you craft some potential new ink in the near future.

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