300 Bikers Showed Up For Boy’s Birthday Party After His Classmates Didn’t RSVP.

300 Bikers Showed Up For Boy’s Birthday Party After His Classmates Didn’t RSVP. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Bikers have a reputation of being tough, mean, and scary, but that’s just a stereotype, and you really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It turns out that they’ve got big hearts, and they’re capable of doing some amazing things. This is something that one mother from Slinger, Wisconsin discovered when she needed help to save her autistic son’s birthday party. It turns out that out of 70 invitations only 3 classmates RSVPed, and she was frantically trying to figure out what she was going to do to get new party guests at such short notice, and that’s when this gang of motorcyclists came to her rescue.She wanted to give Thomas the very best birthday of his young life, especially since her kid had to deal with autism and other health ailments since the day he was born. This was supposed to be his day, but things didn’t go the way she expected.

As a mother, she saw how badly her son struggled emotionally and socially because of his autism, so it seemed terribly unfair that virtually no one was coming to his birthday party. But all hope was not lost.

They get a bad rap for being tough, but they’ve got a reputation for having an amazing community spirit too. And that’s how this story took a twist for the better because this gang decided to accept the invitation to Thomas Karna’s birthday party.

Lovejoy wrote: “I am making this post to invite all the bikers in the area to come and meet up and show him that he is not different.” She also added that Thomas loved motorcycles and deserved to be loved just like everyone else.

300 bikers rode to Slinger Community Park to help celebrate Thomas’s birthday. Lovejoy assumed that 20 bikers would show up, but she never expected this many. But she wasn’t complaining either. The love and support from the bikers was heartwarming.

He explained that he was the father of an autistic son too, so when he heard that only three kids had said yes to Thomas’s party, his heart broke. Another biker named Julie Banaszak explained that Thomas deserved to be treated like every other kid around.

Thomas felt like he was famous with all the attention he had gotten from his new biker friends, who came that day to celebrate his 10th birthday. His mom was also excited because she saw the joy in her son’s eyes.

As if showing up for the party wasn’t already amazing enough, a lot of the guests donated money to the family’s charity. In total, they ended up collecting $1,100 dollars from the bikers alone. But the bikers also brought birthday cards, presents. Thomas even got received a motorcycle jacket.

The motorcyclists also gave him their badges and inducted him into their circle as an honoree member. Karna called what the bikers did breathtaking because her son ended up having the very best birthday yet.

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