33 Gift Ideas For ‘Star Wars’ Fans… #9 Is The Best Christmas Present In The Galaxy.

33 Gift Ideas For ‘Star Wars’ Fans… #9 Is The Best Christmas Present In The Galaxy. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Star Wars was has been the talk of the town lately as their newest movie *Star Wars: The Force Awakens* has just recently come out (and if you haven’t watched it yet, I strongly suggest you do). With that being said, Star Wars products have been hot items to shop for this particular holiday season. Whether it be for a die-hard fan who’s loved Star Wars since the 70’s or a new found fan who just started watching the saga a few days ago – if they legitimately love Star Wars, they’ll most likely go crazy for these gifts.For the family that watches and marathons Star Wars together.

For all the cooks who want a helping hand from their favorite droid.

For the bakers who want to celebrate the greatest movie of the year.

For the people who’ve already watched The Force Awakens and already have favorite characters.

Only kids are pictured below but these bed sheets are for anyone who wants to sleep with their favorite villain or favorite furry creature.

Start your baby young. (:

For the Star Wars fans who would love to keep a retro look in their kitchen.

Your own personal BB-8 powered by a smart phone!

For the Star Wars fans who stay up late at night to research conspiracies of potential plots and character back stories.

The greatest bed ever.

If you’re going to keep yourself safe in the car, why not be comfy as well with this furry protection.

So you can feel badass while you’re eating.

For the men who like to keep dapper but still have their love of Star Wars to be represented.

Be the coolest person on a rainy day.

For the fans who prefer their bread toasted.

For getting Dark Side cookies out of the oven.

For the fans who love to blast the Star Wars theme song.

A cute addition to anyone’s dining table.

For the people who want to loose friendships over a board game… but in Star Wars style.

But we all know you don’t necessarily need to ride a motorcycle to wear this suit.

Because who doesn’t want to eat cereal out of droid bowls?

Let furry old Chewbacca keep your feet warm.

For the traveling Star Wars fan who’s probably tired of riding boring airplanes.

For the fans who love to eat breakfast before they marathon the saga for the whole day.

A must for all Star Wars pet owners.

So you can feel like you captured your own snow beast.

For the fans who love to draw and doodle their own fan fiction.

For all the people that lost their phone battery after waiting in such long lines to watch the new movie.

For the cooks dicing their onions, who’d much rather be traveling in the Millennium Falcon through the galaxy.

A perfect gift for a pair of best friends or equally share the same love for Star Wars.

The most exciting thumb wrestling I’ve ever seen.

Pick your side and then chillax in the robe that goes with it.

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