35 Creative People Who Officially Won Halloween.

35 Creative People Who Officially Won Halloween. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Let’s face it! No Halloween celebration would be complete without someone dressing up as the “Pumpkin King” from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”!

This creepy Headless Maya is equal parts adorable, equal parts creepy!

This girl shouldn’t be too surprised if a bunch of rich people end up following her around, bidding a ton of money for her! After all, she’s a true collector’s item!

She appears to be a golden skeletal goddess who you want to run from but you simply can’t look away.

The movie “Up” is an all-time classic, packed with adorable characters and beautiful life lessons. So of course, this charming grandpa made sure to pay homage by even including his beloved dog!

Notice the spectacular granny wig, (which was handmade!) the pearl necklace, the clothes, and even the walker which was hand-crafted by her dad. Seriously, this costume absolutely wins Halloween!

This unbelievable creation was made out of string, some wire, and a lot of glue. This talented girl also used a few ribbons, and mesh, and it’s all Halloween-themed. Now that’s true commitment!

Even the Queen stopped by to take a photo, and by Queen, we’re referring to the family’s adorable son.

All work and no play might make Jack a dull boy, but there’s nothing dull about this fabulous recreation that makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand!

Everyone says to show your true face. But in this instance, you can be just as fake as on social media.

This duo costume is pretty fantastic, but we’re kind of wondering what it looks like when these guys are not in front of a black curtain?

Dressing up like famous poet Edgar Allan Poe who’s dressed up as a Teletubby? We’d say Nevermore!

Seriously, communication is key! Still, their little mishap ended up looking absolutely amazing. Let’s just hope he doesn’t get any Caesar dressing on her dress!

This guy’s friend dressed up as everyone’s favorite neighbor, who’s also probably the nicest cartoon guy ever: Ned Flanders! But is it just us or does he sort of look like Walter White before shaving his head?

She nailed the Winifred Sanderson look from “Hocus Pocus.” But be careful or she’ll put a spell on you.

Al looks a little too happy, which is rare for the character. But Peggy is on point with her hair and outfit.

It makes total sense he would be attracted to this lamp like a moth to a flame. He looks like one too.

They probably gave you nightmares as kids, but now they make the ideal Halloween couple’s costume.

If your neighbors thought your pet was grumpy before, they’ll be terrified of him dressed as Pennywise.

But Daenerys from “Game of Thrones” would be nothing without her dragon, or would that be Drogon?

They even have a little poop machine dressed up as a Mandrake root, who can turn the soil brown.

Even his mom got into the spirit of things! The two of them really took their costumes to the next level.

With the help of his mom, this kid can go trick or treating in the coolest costume in the neighborhood.

Prepare to soil your pants. Even the grumpiest non-Trick-or-treater will be spooked by this ghost.

You can hardly see the invisible thread tied to the black thread, which makes it seem like it’s flying away.

All rise! Court is now in session! This wheelchair was turned into the perfect judge’s bench just for her.

The tree is adorable, but if they ever get married and have a kid, they can dress their baby up as a bush.

Much like his character, as soon as this kid ran out the door, he went running towards a great adventure.

It took 5 months, some EVA foam and PVC pipes to turn this 2,000-pound horse into a fierce AT-AT.

The Starry Night painting on the back of his back is spot-on. But thankfully, he decided to keep his ear.

The look was a front to make everyone’s hearts melt when they announced their pregnancy this way.

Forget airport security! Michael probably took care of them. Call Laurie Strode. She’ll stop this monster.

One look at these two freakish ghouls and you’ll be screaming “Daylight come and me wan’ go home.”

It’s like summer bod vs winter bod. He even shaved half of his beard off. Now that takes dedication.

You get to go shirtless, wear a string skirt, and possibly sail across the open ocean looking for adventure.

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