Amazing 3D Tattoos That Will Make You Do A Double Take.

Amazing 3D Tattoos That Will Make You Do A Double Take. December 29, 2019

The tattoo industry has been booming as tattoos continue to become more socially acceptable. As a result, body ink and tattoo artists have had to come up with unique tattoos in order to remain competitive while knocking people’s socks off. So we’ve come up with a list of the most reality-defying 3D tattoos, which might inspire you if you decide to get one.

This tattoo has two breathtaking layers. The first gives the appearance that the skin on the head is cracked. Then the brick wall becomes the second layer, and has tremendous details added and discolorations to make it seem like actual bricks. But why would someone want the back of their head to have a brick wall tattoo, or office supplies, as you’ll see in the next eerie-looking photo.

Maybe this guy loves to draw or write and wants everyone to know it too. But the coolest part of this tattoo is that the pen casts a “shadow” over the dude’s head, giving it that 3D feel to it, that makes you want to grab that pen. But he’ll need to hide that tattoo with a hat, even in the summer. But there are other tattoos on this list that will attract even more attention.

Never have we ever seen a paper cut in tattoo form that’s so cringeworthy as this, and it comes with a zipper too. Also, the black background gives it the extra illusion that the hand is split almost in half. And the zipper looks oh-so-realistic. But the next hand tattoo definitely has a different artistic twist to its design.

This one may not be as realistic as the other image, but it’s still awesome. The girls’ eyes are hauntingly beautiful and seem to follow you with precise details. Those eyes look like a part of the person’s hand. Now some say that tattoos can leave your hand in a world of pain, but not as much as the next photo’s body part.

You’d have to walk around barefoot or in flip-flops for people to appreciate those tattooed corset laces on your foot. Maybe this lady likes constricting things or finds this tattoo pretty. But we give kudos to the artist who built the depth into the lace rings with a series of shadows that makes this so realistic. While the next tattoo is similar, its effect is largely different.

What’s the best way to draw attention away from a big belly? Just turn it into a tattoo of a buttoned-down shirt. The details and the black void, as well as the seams, is absolutely breathtaking. But if the man who got the tattoo loses weight, will it still fit him, or will the tattoo look a size too big? Maybe we’ll find a mental palate cleanser in the next photo.

What makes this butterfly tattoo so amazing is the angles and shadows that give it a 3D look that you won’t believe. The artist added depth and perspective that most artists struggle to achieve on a regular palate, let alone a fleshy one. But those pink tones on the butterfly wings are pretty spot on too. But take a look at the next tattoo, to see some even cooler color effects.

It’s hard to imagine this being a tattoo and not a cyborg’s arm. Using the color orange, the artist managed to give the grayscale design of the metal limb some serious depth. We also love the details of the “joint” gears along the shoulder and chest. The artist has a knack for lighting effects too. But the next tattoo, also featuring an arm, will really give you the creeps.

While we’ve seen the zipper tattoo before, we’ve never seen a creepy alien hand poking out from the seams of a forearm before. We love the ripple effects by the zipper’s edge. It adds a layer of realism, which along with the shadows, really convinces you that something evil is crawling out. But if you thought this tattoo was difficult to create, wait until we show you the next pic.

It’s difficult enough to carve art into wood, but depicting the illusion of artistic wood carvings seemed impossible to do on a body part, until now. It might look like the artist carved into a woman’s skin, but it’s only the dark and light colors that give off that impression. But we’re sure it probably hurt almost as much. Now the next tattoo may not seem painful, but it will certainly scare you off your chair.

Like the brick wall tattoo, this body art is detailed perfectly. The artist created a “torn skin” illusion that makes the skin seem like torn paper. But the face looks eerily realistic, especially with the shadow under the chin. But we can´t help but wonder what inspired the artist to make this tattoo. Fortunately, the next tattoo isn’t a scary and a lot smaller too.

Peculiar, playful, and realistic are the only ways to describe this scaly puzzle tattoo. Aside from the shading, which adds to the depth perception, the blue scales are beautiful. We feel like anyone who’s ever dreamt of becoming a mermaid would look a tattoo that hints a mermaid’s tail underneath her human legs. But the person in the next picture seems to want to travel through the looking glass, pretty badly.

Here we are with a person who chose a tattoo of the Cheshire Cat from “Alice in Wonderland,” and it seems to be eating the person from the inside out. The artistic contrast shows the bones and torn flesh, as well as the creepy grin of the Cheshire Cat, and the eerie looking eyes. The next tattoo is a lot less playful, but still cat-related.

This design is so original and well crafted, you’ll swear it’s real. Instead of getting a regular teeny bitty cat paw print, this person got himself a 3D tattoo that looks like a huge tiger high-fived the heck out of their calf. Between the cracks, slash, and claw marks, this effect is truly unique. But the next and final photo will definitely show the most unusual and rare 3D tattoo of all the others from this list.

This tattoo is subtle, but it doesn’t make it any less creepy. In fact, if you believe in aliens, you’d swear there was one trying to push its way out of this dude’s chest. Since no black ink was used, we’d love to know how the artist managed to apply the depth perception of this tattoo. Incredible!