40 Photographs That Will Ruin Everything You Knew About The Past.

40 Photographs That Will Ruin Everything You Knew About The Past. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Photography provides a snapshot of what has happened in history. It captures events that have shaped the world we live in. Some of the images seize a moment of pure joy such as the end of World War II to proof that during Christmas Eve on December 24, 1914 German and English soldiers called for an unofficial truce until after Christmas Day. Some photographs also show the anguish of people during challenging times. The despair of Marilyn Lovell, wife Apollo 13’s commander Jim Lovell and a little girl holding her doll after a London bombing in 1940, are all too visceral reminders of the human condition. No matter what the subject is being photographed, images provide a glimpse into a time and place we may know little about, but they evoke powerful emotions within us as we all laugh, cry, and connect together. Furthermore, it is in photographs that we have the ability to gain immortality.

From left to right: Thomas K. Mattingly II, Command Module pilot; John W. Young, Commander; and Charles M. Duke Jr., Lunar Module pilot.

12 people lost their lives when a bulk ore carrier collided with several pylons of the bridge. These cars left dangling over the edge were some of the lucky ones.

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