42 Reasons Why Winter Is The BEST Season For Weddings.

42 Reasons Why Winter Is The BEST Season For Weddings. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

According to The Knot, the #1 Wedding Site, December is the most popular month for couples to get engaged. Winter, however, is certainly not the most popular time of the year to get married. Throwing a wedding is maddening no matter the season but in winter, couples face many unique struggles. If invitations aren’t sent out as soon as possible, a number of potential guests will have already booked their holiday plans. Many families are also focusing their time, money, and energy on Christmas celebrations. The deeper winter months of January, February, and March, are even less popular for couples (I like to think of them as the recovery months). However, there are also so many creative, fun, and altogether worthwhile perks to throwing a winter wedding. For starters, you can save a decent amount of money through discounts as winter is considered the low season. You can also get away with quirkier details that wouldn’t work for any other time of the year. If you love Christmas or lace, for example, winter may just be the most wonderful time for you to say “I Do.”

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