44 Funny Animal GIFs To Put You In A Happy Mood For The Weekend.

44 Funny Animal GIFs To Put You In A Happy Mood For The Weekend. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Viral content is a strange and nuanced beast. It encompasses all manner of topics, from [lifestyle][1], to pop culture, [health][2], [music][3], [art][4], [animals][5], and more. There are stories about people’s [travel escapades][6], [animals being saved from distress][7], [human compassion][8], and even [public safety][9]. LifeBuzz is a place where you can find [human interest][10] stories alongside [celebrity roundups][11] next to a collection of images of [animals acting like jerks][12] — and the diversity of it all is what makes it so fun to click through. But there’s one form of viral content so pure and beautiful that we have to give it special praise. We use them to express ourselves, laugh, and waste time during the day, paying homage to the myriad emotions that they take us through. That’s right: We’re talking about the animal GIF, the foundation on which the rest of Internet absurdity can stand. These are possibly the 44 best animal GIFs of all time, and each one is like the answer to a question you didn’t realize your soul was asking. Enjoy. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/tower-climb [2]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/baby-brodie/ [3]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/street-music/ [4]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/stairs/ [5]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/uncomfortable-pets/ [6]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/without-husband/ [7]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/rook/ [8]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/humanity-moments/ [9]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/swim-trunks/ [10]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/love-museum/ [11]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/celeb-names/ [12]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/animal-bullies/

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