5 Things That Are NOT Red Flags In Your Relationship… Don’t Sweat #3.

5 Things That Are NOT Red Flags In Your Relationship… Don’t Sweat #3. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

New relationships are very exciting: You’re learning about another person’s life, quirks, and personality — and they’re getting to know yours. As such, the first year of a relationship can be full of ups and downs. But there are certain things people freak out about in their relationships that you can actually ignore. Don’t get us wrong: If you sense that there’s something more insidious going on in your relationship, you should probably call it quits. However, during the first year, there’s plenty of stuff that you can overlook as normal relationship growing pains. Find out what they are below.At the start of your relationship, their friends might not like you. No pressure, though: As long as you prove yourself to be a good, fun partner, they’ll learn to love you in no time.

A lot of people are commitment phobic, but you shouldn’t let that bother you. Thinking about things like marriage and children can be really overwhelming, so it’s best to take those things slow. Don’t be worried if your partner is afraid to commit during the first year — but after the first year, it might be time to ask questions.

The first year is all about learning and growing with one another. Naturally, this means that you might have some fights. Unless the fights escalate or get nasty, this is normal — even if the relationship is still young.

If you think there is something wrong with your relationship because they don’t tell you everything then you are mistaken — some people take a long time to be able to trust someone else.

No, you may not have a family of your own, but each of you do have parents, siblings, and extended family to get to know. Many times, a partner’s family won’t warm up to you right away. Over time, if they see that you’re happy together, they’ll be happy too.

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