5-Week-Old Kitten Found Nearly Dead, But Look At Him Now!

5-Week-Old Kitten Found Nearly Dead, But Look At Him Now! March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Animals are an incredible gift to humans. When you have one as a companion, they make your life a little brighter. They bring you lots of laughter and unconditional love. Unfortunately, some animals aren’t given the type of love that they deserve. They aren’t taken care of by someone that truly wants them to be happy and healthy. Some animals are treated horribly. They’re beaten, malnourished, or just tossed on the side of the road. Luckily, there are wonderful humans out there that have it in their hearts to help out these sad creatures when this happens. They take them into their homes and give them a safe, loving environment to live in. These people are considered heroes in my book.They weren’t sure what it was until they looked a little closer. What they discovered was a kitten, no more than five weeks old, in desperate need of help.

His eyes and nose were crusty and he had wounds all over him. Even other animals knew he was dying because he was infested with maggots.

When she got home, Kathleen’s mother saw what bad shape the little guy was in. She told Kathleen that they could clean him up, and give him a place to stay, until they found a suitable home for him.

But, he was a fighter. Eight weeks later, and some antibiotics to treat him for maggots, the kitten started to feel better!

“He was so lethargic. Several times I thought I was going to find him dead. All he did was sleep, it was a scary time. I kept him in my room all the time,” she said.

“He started becoming more alert and pouncing and playing. We began introducing him to our three dogs slowly,” said Kathleen.

But he stole the heart of everyone in the family. They named him Drizzy and gave him a forever home.

Drizzy eventually got a brother. Stripes came into their home and they instantly became best friends.

If it wasn’t for Kathleen, and her family, Drizzy would’ve died on the side of the road. Thanks to their compassion, Drizzy got a second chance at life.

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