50 Photos That Will Make You Doubt Everything.

50 Photos That Will Make You Doubt Everything. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Ugh, at this point, no one should believe anything or anyone, just to play it safe. Alright, so it might sound like a cliche tagline from “The X-Files,” but when you see these photos, you’ll end up with some serious trust issues. These signs and poor packaging designs will baffle the heck out of you. And once you’ve come to terms with the fact that what you’re seeing isn’t a bad joke, you’ll realize you’re living in a world full of filthy liars. Don’t believe us? Check out this list, but don’t blame us if you never believe in anything you see ever again, because we warned you!

While the large container is… well, larger, the person that filled the cup added the same number of fries that it placed inside the medium cup. So, essentially, the customer paid extra for a larger cardboard container, but that’s it.

Well, it turns out that you really can’t believe everything you read. It’s a hook. You go in thinking everything is a dollar, and you wind up spending a little more. But hey, a $2 shirt isn’t exactly a bad deal either.

The photo shows a guy climbing up a mountain, but it’s a lie. If you read the package carefully, it claims that the rope is not suitable for climbing. But if you don’t really take the time to read the label carefully, don’t worry. You’ll figure out how useless this rope is on the way down.

You’ll chip a nail trying to get the tab to break, but in the end, you’ll get so frustrated that you’ll have no choice but to grab the scissors and cut the box open. Kraft might as well do away with the tab because it’s not doing customers any favors.

The cinnamon flavor and the cherry flavor don’t differ much in the red color spectrum. So, even those of you have aren’t color blind might pop a cherry jelly bean thinking it’s cinnamon or vice versa, and then you and your taste buds will be in for quite a shock.

Talk about a major disappointment! Pizza slices are supposed to be huge! At the very least, if you’re going to sell someone something this small and pathetic, make sure you find a box that’s the right size so that the customer won’t feel like they’ve been ripped off.

You’d assume that the product was made in Arizona because, duh! It’s called Arizona! But it turns out that it’s not even produced anywhere in the United States. It’s a product of Canada. Maybe they should rename it Canada Ice Tea.

In lieu of stopping her daughter from consuming more sugar, she got her to drink an entire bottle of vanilla extract, which contains alcohol. That poor 6-year-old must have woken up with the worst hangover ever.

Don’t pretend like this is a simple oversight, because it’s not. The packaging says that carrots should be included in this package, so, where are they? Was someone having a lazy day inside the factory where these products are packaged?

It’s possible to fit over 2,000 seeds inside this box, but honestly, they should have put a disclaimer on the box that said, “don’t plant all of the seeds in one flower pot.” The only thing that seems to have grown is that parasitic green weed that sucked the life out of all the other seedlings.

When you lift the lid, you find that there’s only one trash bin inside, so essentially, you’re not really helping the environment. You’re just mixing thrash with recyclables together. Hopefully, the people handling the trash will be able to separate the two at the facility.

Unfortunately, they’re nothing more than lies. As soon as you try to split the crackers apart, you end up with one piece bigger than the other. They might as well do away with those creases and give customers one long rectangular cracker.

It looks like someone put a clump of sugar together, added a few sprinkles and boxed these cookies up. It sounds like a diabetic’s nightmare come true. But it’s even worse when an animal cookie doesn’t look anything like an animal on Earth.

If Evan is a real boy, then he needs to get written up for living in the past, and not realizing that the future, or in this case, the estimated delivery date for Sarah’s package, has already passed. This is why Sarah should call customer service and demand to talk to a human.

The fact that this product calls itself Never Ending Pasta is ludicrous, especially since they added “Ending Soon” to the label. But then again, pasta tends to fill people up so quickly that it would probably feel like two or three bowls are just impossible to finish.

These Hanes panties claim to be perfect, but there’s a label on it that suggests that they are slightly imperfect too. The advertisers who came up with the packaging for this product were a little too honest and should probably get fired.

Peel the sticker and you might find that the reason you’re saving a couple of bucks is because the product probably expired already. Well, if you can’t trust what your eyes are seeing, then trust your nose. If the product smells like a morgue, then you should probably leave it right where it is.

The designers of these balloons should have at least placed the alien eyes, nose, and mouth on the end of the balloon and not in the nub area. This probably made some “X-Files” fan so disappointed. Then again, season 11 was probably worse than all of these balloons put together.

There’s always something wrong, like maybe the previous tenant passed away under unusual circumstances, and never left. That might explain why the realtor posted “not haunted.” Hopefully, they were joking, but just in case, bring a couple of crosses and some salt.

You don’t have to be a scientist or a zoologist to figure out that those are actually ferrets. But for $45, it’s still a bargain. Just don’t try to tell your little boy or little girl that it’s a bunny because they’re probably smarter than the person that printed this label.

This poor person! Their tummy will remain as empty as this package of Chips Ahoy! This may very well be the cruelest prank that a family member could pull on someone who is totally craving cookies. But then again, there’s always payback!

There’s probably a robbery in progress at the supermarket and this is their way of getting customers outside to get suspicious and call the cops. Then again, maybe the employees inside just want some time off, so they’re telling everyone there’s no power so they can take a break.

However, you might want to bring a measuring tape the next time you buy a foot-long because chances are, Subway is lying to you. For one thing, those six-inch subs are more like 4.75 inches, which means that the foot-long sandwich falls short of its advertised size.

Clearly, what you see isn’t what you wind up getting. This is why you need to be careful when buying a product that only shows about 25% of their product and covers the rest of it with a crafty looking label full of nutritional facts.

When students open a textbook, they expect everything inside to be accurate, but calling a giraffe and its baby, emperor penguins is like comparing a crocodile to a bird. What? Was this publishing company so lazy that it couldn’t hire someone to double check the work?

Advertisers could have placed the “100% juice” claim on the front and the “contains 27% juice” claim on the back. If they had, none of the customers would have been any wiser. But putting the lie right there in plain sight is almost like an insult to a consumer’s intelligence.

This advertisement should have been taken down and burned! What a liberty to trick people into thinking they were getting free beer when the company was actually advertising free WiFi and a cold beer that customers probably had to pay for. Not cool!

Fingerprint resistant stainless steel already sounds far-fetched. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone actually challenged this label and proved that this trash bin was anything but fingerprint resistant.

Yeah, sure! The name brand claims you only need to take one multivitamin gummy or tablet a day. But the back of the bottle tells a whole different story. Fortunately for you, gummies are soft and delicious, so you probably don’t mind chewing on two a day instead of one.

Most people already have piles of junk mail on their dining table, and this company has added more trash to the pile. Clearly, Clear has never heard of saving trees by not printing useless junk mail on paper.

Just look through the windshield and you’ll notice that there are three guys, not two. If you’re trying to come off as a legit company with integrity and honesty, then you might want to change the name to Three Men and a Truck or kick the third guy to the curve.

You have to get out because it’s after 5 p.m., but the sign clearly tells you to press the red button. But what if there is no red button? What if the only option you have is a green button? Maybe this is a test from upper level management. Whoever cracks the code gets to keep their jobs.

But someone decided to hack one of those cups in half to prove to the world that you were ripped off. There’s a considerable amount of space at the bottom that could have been filled with a bit more noodles.

Don’t let that license plate fool you one bit. The silhouette of that dog getting ready to lick that lady driver’s face suggests that she’s getting a little TLC from another kind of four-legged friend. Wait until the cat smells that dog on her. That’s when the claws will come out.

The first thing you’ll notice on this packaging is that these containers and lids are microwave safe. But when you read the fine print, you’ll notice that you can’t put them in a conventional oven or a microwave. Go figure!

For one thing, the photo on the brochure shows a building next to the Hyatt, which doesn’t seem to exist anymore. In fact, in the reality shot, there’s a totally different building next to the hotel. But the most puzzling thing is the fact that Capitol building is a lot further away in reality than in the brochure.

It’s safe to say that the employees here have every intention of taking the unsold pretzels home with them. It’s not like you can blame them. Pretzels are delicious. But it would be nice if a customer would confront the employee working at the bakery about this sign.

If you love pie, then the only thing this discovery will do is make you laugh and wonder which friend or family member pulled this prank on you. But if you don’t like pie, then someone’s going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Unless China has somehow become part of the US, it’s safe to say that this isn’t their flag. If you had to bet you’d say that whatever this person bought was made in China. But maybe the box itself was made in the U.S.

This guy, whose name is clearly not Jim, doesn’t know how to own up to his mistakes and do the right thing. So now this lady is going to have to take money out of her own pocket in order to fix the dents and scratches he left behind.

Alright, so mistakes can happen even under the best of circumstances, but if you really wanted a cookie that looked all burnt on the side as if your five-year-old kid had baked it, then you would have baked them with your kid, and wouldn’t have wasted your time buying these cookies.

Okay, so the bottle itself is yellow, so you would expect to find mustard pouring out of the bottle, right? Well, if you believe what the label says, then what you’ll end up with is ketchup. Looks like the waitress that labeled the mustard and ketchup bottle was having an off moment.

You could find that everything isn’t what it appears to be. Just like at this tin. It’s filled with a bunch of items that are perfect if you’re looking to sew something, but if you’re really hungry for some Danish butter cookies, then you’re out of luck, unless you love the taste of threads and needles.

There aren’t a lot of uses for orange pens. After all, orange ink is difficult to read, and you can’t exactly write with them in school unless you want to risk getting an F. But for the customer who bought this pen, this was a total letdown.

The label claims that the syrup is fortified with vitamins and minerals, but they don’t tell you that it has 0% calcium. So, hopefully you love adding it to cold milk or warm milk because otherwise you’ll never get your daily requirement of calcium.

There’s nothing worse than waiting two days for Netflix’s DVD mail-in service to deliver the movie, but once you get it, you discover that the DVD cracked under the pressure of all the mail inside that mail carrier’s truck.

It shouldn’t be this difficult. Push forward or pull back. But It’s totally easy to get confused when someone mislabels a door “Push” when you have to pull. Then all of a sudden, you realize, you’re not the one who did anything wrong.

Imagine you’re expecting a nice block of cheddar and a nice block of cheese, but what you get inside are two thin blocks about the width of a freaking credit card. This is like swiping right on Tinder on someone who looks like Chris Hemsworth, but when you meet them, they look more like Woody Allen.

You know that this is just an accident waiting to happen. If you hit on the brakes too hard or make a sharp turn, that cup will likely fall off, or cause the lid to open up, and then you’ll freak out, stop looking at the road, and get into an awful accident.

Ugh! This must be so frustrating. Hopefully, there was enough cheesy powder left behind from the Cheetos that it gave those carrot sticks some extra flavor. Maybe then, they would actually be edible.

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