55 Advanced Sex Positions You Haven’t Tried Yet.

55 Advanced Sex Positions You Haven’t Tried Yet. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

How many sex positions can you name right off the top of your head? Most people know missionary, doggy style, and maybe reverse cowgirl. The reality is that if you have the time and creative mind to push the boundaries of your sexual experience, you can have a large selection of ways to make love. Some will be more comfortable than others but the point is to try as many as possible while having the best time of your life. If you think it is impossible to have more than a handful of ways to have intercourse, consider this; the ancient Indian Hindu text, the Kamasutra has 245 sex positions. Rather than overwhelm you with triple digits, we are going to introduce you to 55 ways to have sex. If you are not sure where to start, maybe choose the ones with the quirkiest and coolest names.The curled angel is a lot like the seated ball except this time the couple is lying down.

Very much the missionary but the woman lifts her legs and meets them just under her man’s buttocks.

The man stands up while arching his back and lifting one of his partner’s legs towards him as he thrusts. She holds on to her raised leg by the ankle with one leg on the floor.

This is for the guy who is very flexible. He is making a bridge while she rides him on top.

Have the woman lie on her chest with her hips off the bed and her arms stretched out. He takes her from behind as he stands over her.

This is an acrobatic mission. Half of the woman’s body is on the bed and the rest on the floor while he goes on top of her with his upper body stretched up.

The man sits with his legs outstretched. She lies her back in between his legs as he thrusts and bends over to her breasts.

This is for the gymnasts of the world. The woman holds one arm out on the floor with her body being held sideways by her partner. He places his body in between her legs while she is suspended.

You both are putting your legs through a workout as you need it to keep balanced while you thrust.

The woman lies on her back pushing her knees to her breasts. The male partner kneels with her feet pushing on his chest. He can rest his arms on her knees while he penetrates her.

She lies on her back while raising her chest up and holding on to his buttocks. He is facing away from her while penetrating her.

The woman will make a bridge position with her arms stretched and her knees bent. Her lover will kneel in front of her vagina, entering her forward. This requires a lot of focus and physical stamina.

The man will create the same position the woman did on the bridge. Except that in this version the woman will sit on top of her man and ride him.

This is perfect for the man who is well-endowed as well as the one with a smaller penis as entering his partner her while her back is arched lets him penetrate her directly. He can also take advantage of his position by stimulating the breasts and clitoris.

The snail is great for men who are less than well endowed. She lies on her back but lifts her pelvis to his penis, keeping herself up by holding on to his knees.

He stands straight and her legs are wrapped lower on his buttocks with her back arched.

This time it’s the man’s turn to lie on his back. He keeps his legs apart but pulled towards him while his partner balances herself on top of him with her own legs slightly lifted. For easier penetration he can hold on to her thighs.

The woman lies partially on her back with her hips raised. He may be over her but it is the woman who is calling the shots by moving her hips from side to side.

The guy lies on his side while his partner lies over his hips. This type of penetration is best for guys who are well endowed.

The rider is just a different name for the cowgirl. You got this one!

The eagle comes in handy for men with smaller penises. The woman lies on her back with her hips slightly lifted. Her legs are spread open for direct penetration. He will sit on his knees while he thrusts.

The couple stands up facing each other while he penetrates her either with his penis or manually.

This is the missionary but with the woman lying on top. She is not sitting on him but has her body over him, sliding and grinding him.

The couple are facing each other while the man holds his partner up. He can use a wall to have against her back for added support while he grinds her.

The man sits with his legs straight while the woman lies on her back but with her legs wrapped around his back. He will place his hands under her to control the up and down motion.

Have the men sitting down with his legs out but slightly bent. The woman sits face away from him while he enters her and they form a semi-ball together.

Using a pillow for head support the woman lies on her back with her knees bent. He is resting on his knees but his back is arched, resting his arms behind him. He will then slip himself into his partner.

This is the updated version of doggy style except he is curled over her so he can reach and stimulate her breasts and clitoris.

This is sort of like the reverse cowgirl with a new add-ins. Have the man lie on his back but his legs bend at the end of the bed while she sits on him.

The woman is on all fours with her weight on her forearms. With her legs spread apart he thrusts from behind with one knee bent down and the other one at a 90 degree nagle.

The man lies on his back while she sits on him neither facing or away from him but rather on the side.

The woman lies on her back with one leg stretched and the other bent. He enters her with his own knees bent down. He can use his hands to roam her body and he thrusts.

Using a chair for the guy to sit on, the woman sits on top of him. She will grind and do most of the work as he touches her clitoris.

This is not as complicated as it looks. The woman has half of her body on the bed with her forearms resting and the rest of the body in the air while her partner holds her hips, penetrating from the back.

Lying on her back but with her legs being held up by her lover while he enters her. He can open her legs apart to his preference.

This is a lot like the slide except is legs are wide open for easier penetration.

This is the male’s version of the reversed cowgirl. Remember to proceed with caution as the wrong move can bend and hurt the penis.

This is a lot like the afternoon delight with the woman’s leg literally split in between’s the man’s penis. This position can be done for vaginal or anal penetration.

Go to your home’s stairs and have him enter you from behind while you rest your arms on the steps.

This position requires a lot of balancing for the woman. She only has her head and shoulders on the bed while the rest of her body is raised up. Her man is standing on his knees while controlling his thrusts while holding her knees.

The man’s body is half on the bed and the other on the floor while she rides him. Consider putting a pillow under his head in case he gets light headed.

Sit on your butts with your legs bent but facing each other. It’s not as easy as it seems but once you get the rhythm going, it will be a blast.

Have your guy do the bridge but with a stool under him. His arms and legs are bent while she straddles him. So cowgirl with a stall. Not only with your arse hurt, but your arms will get cramp.

The reverse cowgirl but instead of sitting straight she is leaned in closer to his knees. If he is a butt guy, he is going to love the view.

This is missionary to a whole different level. While lying on her back, her legs are pushed back towards her shoulders by her man. He holds on to her ankles while he thrusts inside her.

This is semi-missionary with the woman lying on her back while her legs are spread. He takes her sideways using one leg for support.

If you have a gym at home or something sturdy to hold on to, this is your position. Have the man stand and thrust while the woman holds herself up on the pull-up. She can wrap her legs around his hips or simply bend them.

Have the woman wear a strap-on to take her man doggy style.

This is the reversed cowgirl but instead of facing away from her lover, she arches her back to kiss him.

This is not an easy move. The woman does a headstand and keeps it while he holds one leg up as he enters her like he is drilling for oil.

Similar to the hyperion this one gives the woman the chance to keep one leg down and the other one up as he enters her. He is holding the one leg up so she can keep her balance.

This is kinda like a bridge except her body is not as stretched out and he has one leg to stand the other to rest on her as he penetrates her.

This is for the yoga lovers. The woman is on all fours while he planks on her back and enters her anally.

The reverse hipster puts the man making the tight bridge as she puts one leg over him and the other to stand.

The woman may need to be tall for this one. She rests on her shoulders with her body raised up as he stands over her and enters her at a 180 degree angle.

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