6 Amazing Artists Who Paint Without Using Their Hands.

6 Amazing Artists Who Paint Without Using Their Hands. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Art is everywhere. It’s the graffiti under the bridge. It’s the murals on an abandoned building. It’s the interactive sculpture in the park. Wherever you look, you can see the creative mind of an artist at play. One of the most phenomenal aspects of art is the creator’s ability to use whatever they have on hand to bring their emotions to life. As you already know, most artists use their hands to paint their portraits and murals, but not these artists. These unbelievably talented individuals give the term “body painting” an entirely new meaning.No, Ani K does not paint pictures of people’s tongues. Instead, he actually uses his tongue as the brush. Ani K states that he was inspired to paint with a different part of his body by an artist who had lost his hands, so he had to begin painting with his feet.

He then started using his tongue to paint, but unfortunately, ingesting paint can be quite toxic. Ani K says that after a session of painting he’ll begin to feel sick, and has even been known to pass out at times. That’s certainly being dedicated to your craft.

In fact, Natalie loves art so much that she became a pioneer in her field. Most people adore giving kisses, but Natalie takes kissing to a whole new level.

As you can see in this close-up of Elvis’ lips, Natalie’s attention to detail is impeccable. If you look closely, you can even see the imprints of her lips in the paint.

She’s not afraid to experiment with different painting techniques, which is quite obvious in her pieces that leave her fans awestruck. We’ll never be able to look at lipstick the same way ever again.

Martin Sodoms is a Capetown native. He was working as a medical clerk when his life drastically changed forever.

Fortunately, Sodoms didn’t allow the accident to ruin his life. It was a situation that would normally destroy a person entirely, but Sodoms decided to make the best of it.

Instead of using his hands, Sodoms uses his mouth to create unimaginable masterpieces. He’s truly an inspiration to those out there who are struggling with accepting their disability.

Sadly, when Guofu was a small child, he lost both of his hands in an accident. But just like the previous artist, Guofu didn’t allow that to stop him from succeeding in life.

To earn money, Guofu traveled around China, showing people how he painted with his right foot. When people began to whisper that his style of art was uncultured, he began to use his mouth to complete his paintings instead.

Leonardo Granato is an artist from Argentina. His unusual method of painting is accomplished through his body’s strange physiology.

His talent, which he discovered when he was a child, may be strange, but it has brought him plenty of success. It may be exceptional, but it honestly makes us a bit queasy.

Her innovative pieces have made her the queen of abstract art. Just like the other artists that are featured, Marcey uses her body to create her paintings, but you’ll never guess which part of her body she uses.

And no she doesn’t use her knees or lips, either. Marcey has figured out that she can use her very own breasts to create her unusual pieces of art.

These methods include the “squish and swirl,” the “breast print,” and the “just the tip” method. Just a tip for you Marcey, make sure you don’t do this in public, or you could get yourself into a tad bit of trouble.

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