These Six Babies Dressed As Tiny Disney Princesses Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today.

These Six Babies Dressed As Tiny Disney Princesses Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today. July 27, 2019

We all know that our daughters are princesses in our hearts and the apple of our eyes, but photographer Karen Marie has taken it to the next level with her Belly Beautiful Portraits project and turned a group of babies into royalty, ahem, make that Disney royalty. The results were magical as she transforms six babies into teensy-weensy versions of the most popular Disney princesses ever. We doubt even the Blue Fairy could have done better.In the process, she transformed these itty-bitty babies into Ariel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Belle, and Jasmine, which included kids from her current client list as well as baby models.

Forest creatures watching over this beloved Snow White are making our heart ache from so much adorableness. But Karen could thank those magic gowns to Valerie Best of Sew Trendy Accessories.

But the photographers loves kids, princesses, and Disney so much that this project allowed her to bring something back into her life that she had missed so much with a collection of pint-size Disney princesses.

We just love the way Karen thought of everything from the setting of the fork, and even the plush Flounder who watches over this little mermaid.

Wooly Dreams provided the felted flowers and animals to accentuate the enchanted world of these oh-so popular Disney princesses. This collection was ultimately a dream come true for Karen.

As she naps on her flying carpet, we can only imagine what worlds she’s off adventuring to inside her tiny mind. Who says there’s no such thing as magic? It’s right in front of you in this bundle of joy.

Karen may very well have the best job ever, and in her own words she added that “I feel so lucky that I was able to create a career out of my passion for babies and my love for photography.”

Some Belle’s might have seemed like real beauties in these shots, but they turned into real beasts when they got fussy. Then again, it’s difficult to stay mad at these newborns when all you want to do is love them.

The only thing that was missing from this shoot was a plushy of the Beast. But Belle’s yellow dress and the magical rose in the glass casing as well as the teapot on the far left was simply divine.

We doubt that the Maleficent could have done any better with this baby, but Karen will admit that she uses love and kindness and not dark magic to get what she wants.

Some parents even write back to Karen thanking them for turning their sleeping beauties into magical Disney princesses. But then again, only an evil sorceress would be envious of how beautiful this collection turned out.

But these lucky six will hopefully grow up to appreciate what it means to be transformed into Cinderella. About the only thing that’s missing are the glass slippers. But this baby makes up for it with her cuteness.

But don’t worry, even as Cinderella’s carriage turns back into a pumpkin, Karen assures us that she’s planning on doing some more photoshoots with other exciting characters like Moana, Elsa and Ana, Pocahontas, Merida, Tiana, and Mulan. We can’t wait!