60 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Republican.

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Denzel Washington is one of the most famous faces to see on the big screen. Considering that the field he works in is predominantly Democrat, it’s surprising that Denzel has stood strong as a Republican. While many celebrities avoid talking politics, Denzel is loud and proud about his views.

You may be surprised, but Caitlyn Jenner is on this list, too. Throughout her entire sports career and Hollywood life, Caitlyn has remained loyal. She is hoping to be able to use her voice in the Republican Party for the LGBT community. Jenner is also a supporter, and close friend of Donald Trump, but she has openly voiced concern about his recent actions as president.

Like a lot of celebrities, Lindsay didn’t like to speak about her conservative views when she was younger because it could’ve potentially hurt her fanbase. As she grew older, Lindsay became more open about supporting the right wing. In 2012, Lindsay officially endorsed Mitt Romney because she believed in his plans for unemployment.

Ever since Hilary Duff appeared in her very own Disney Channel TV show, she’s been a hit. Considering she grew up in the spotlight, she was able to gain a lot of knowledge of the business, and learned how the values of conservatives could make voters successful.

Johnson started his incredible career by bouncing wrestlers around in the ring. When he’s not fighting off wrestlers, he’s fighting for American values and stronger education. He’s considered to be a moderate Republican, and he usually sides with candidates he is able to relate to.

Kris Jenner is a proud Republican, just like her ex-husband. Kris is the odd man out when it comes to being a conservative in a mostly liberal family. “The parents are Republicans and the children are Democrats. So, it’s like a political warfare in our household when we talk about politics,” says Jenner.

You probably recognize Stacey Dash, considering she’s one of the most famous Republican faces in Hollywood. This beautiful star has shown her face on several talk shows to talk about her conservative views. Even though her views have given her career a bit of a backlash, she has no regrets when it comes to speaking her mind.

It’s a well-known fact that Republicans aren’t too big in Hollywood, but sports stars have a different opinion. These big-time athletes have no problem speaking their minds when it comes to politics. Brett Favre is one of very many Republicans in the world of sports.

The opinions of Vince Vaughn have gotten him into some trouble in Hollywood. He is a proud supporter of the second amendment. He’s also a strong advocate for allowing guns to be brought in schools for preventing mass shootings. Many people think that his career has been hurt because of his strong Republican views in such a liberal place like Hollywood.

Most teenagers that grow up in Hollywood end up going through some sort of meltdown, but not Melissa. She was able to have a very successful career for many years. During those years, she was a proud supporter of Republican values. Melissa is one of the few child stars that kept her conservative views with her throughout her life.

Identical to his fellow NFL star Bret Favre, Peyton Manning is a conservative from the South. Manning has stated that his religious beliefs are the reason why he has conservative views and he supports the Republican Party.

It’s never been a secret that Mel Gibson has conservative views. Even though he hasn’t always lived in the United States, Mel Gibson’s religious views have connected him to American Republicans. Mel Gibson is well known for his strong convictions to the Christian faith, which is what influences his political decisions.

Thanks to her father, Jessica Simpson grew up dedicated to the Republican Party. Jessica grew up in a home that was very religious and would only side with politicians that had conservative views rooted in Christianity. Her father was once quoted saying that Jessica “loves the heck” out of George Bush.

Drew Carey isn’t just a registered Republican, he has also donated to many Republican campaigns. Drew has given most of his time, and money, to the support of Ron Paul’s campaigns. Drew considers himself to be a Republican that happens to share views with libertarians.

Adam Sandler is definitely one of the funniest men in Hollywood, but, you won’t catch him making fun of conservative politics. Sandler has made donations to several Republican candidates, including the former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani.

Unlike her role as a dedicated liberal in the hit TV show, That 70’s Show, Laura Prepon wavers a bit in real life. She has said that she holds many liberal views, she also relates to many Republican candidates. Like most people, she sides with the one she relates to the most.

50 Cent has been known to vote for the candidates that share his passion for America. When George W. Bush was getting a lot of criticism from the world in 2005, 50 Cent openly supported him. He said that he would like to meet Bush and shake his hand.

Throughout his career, Stallone has played several strong roles. Stallone has also backed many strong Republican candidates, including John McCain in 2008. Sly was quoted saying the McCain was “the best fighter” to win.

Even though Bruce Willis has openly admitted that he voted Democrat in the 1988 election, he has voted Republican in every general election ever since. He is a proud Republican and a huge advocate for the second amendment rights.

Owen Wilson isn’t one for spreading his views all over the television, but he is known for hanging out in circles that hold conservative values. He and his good friend, Vince Vaughn, attempted to get into the Young Republican’s Convention in D.C. Vaughn wasn’t able to go in, but Wilson was allowed in.

Just like many other young artists from the early 2000s, Spears is a southern voter who holds strong conservative and religious beliefs. While George W. Bush was president, Spears was a known supporter for his war in Iraq. She also strongly advocates for tax cuts.

Nick Lachey is a former member of the band 98 Degrees, but he’s also a Republican who proudly sides with the conservative right. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he married someone with the same views, like Jessica Simpson.

Heidi Montag became famous thanks to the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach. Even at the very height of her career, Heidi always sided with conservative ways. Heidi has given credit for her political views to god.

Kelsey Grammer rose to fame by playing a liberal doctor on the TV show, Frasier. Unlike the role he plays, Grammer sides with the Republican Party in real life. Grammer has no fear when it comes to voicing his views. Grammer believes he even lost an Emmy nomination because he was outed as a Republican in Hollywood.

James Earl Jones is best known for playing the voice of the dark leader, Darth Vader, in the Star Wars films. However, while off-screen, Jones has a more conservative tone. He is known for having a strong voice for the Republican Party. He could definitely be heard voicing his disappointment in the Obama administration, too.

Both Sarah, and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr are registered Republicans. It’s not an easy task to remain a Republican as a celebrity, but Sarah has managed to keep her conservative views intact throughout her entire career as a teen actress.

Thanks to the hit show, American Idol, Kelly Clarkson got her rise to fame. Well, this American idol certainly carries her love of America when she votes Republican every time she casts her vote. Kelly is known for supporting the values of conservatives. She also openly supported the Republican candidate, Ron Paul.

Republicans aren’t typically welcomed in the hip-hop community, but Big Boi, the former leader of the rap group Outcast, is a huge supporter of many things conservative. But, he considers himself Libertarian!

It’s no surprise that this singer from Cuba is a huge advocate for immigrants in the United States. Gloria is known for sticking to conservative values and speaking out for the rights of humans. In fact, George W. Bush hired her in 2000 to speak at the United Nations about human rights. The singer was quoted saying she “had a ball.”

LL Cool J first made his climb to the top as a hip-hop artist in the 1980s. Today, he’s still one of the more sought-after actors and TV hosts. Even though most of his peers side with the Democrats, LL is known for voting Republican. He has shown his respect for President Obama, but he admitted to backing John McCain in 2004.

You most likely recognize Cindy Crawford, since she’s one of the most notorious models in history. Throughout her career, she backed several Republican candidates, including George W. Bush and Christine O’Donnell. Cindy was a huge supporter of Mitt Romney in 2012, and is close friends with his son, Tag.

Throughout her long career, Shannen has played many controversial roles. She survived the 1990s as she played on two of the biggest shows at the time, 90210 and Charmed. Even though most of her peers vote liberal, Shannen typically votes right.

During his voting career, Tom has voted for every imaginable party. Regardless of that fact, Tom has mostly contributed to the Republican candidates. Reports show that Tom gave quite a large sum to President Bush’s campaign. Tom has also said that he will not support a strong federal government, which is completely backed by democratic views.

Heather Locklear has been seen in the spotlight for decades. Even though she’s not outspoken as a Republican, she is known for living as a conservative among the liberals in Hollywood. In fact, Heather was even featured in a documentary about the lives of Republicans in Hollywood.

You probably recognize Gary for his major roles in Apollo 13 and Forrest Gump. Gary often takes on the roles of soldiers because he has a strong belief in our military. The incredible passion Gary has for the troops has led him to vote Republican every single time.

Alex Trebek has one of most familiar faces on television. Because of the years he’s spent on TV, he’s been able to form a clear view of the world. He’s taken everything into consideration, and has decided that his views line up with the Republicans.

Harmon has definitely embraced the conservative role on Rizzoli & Isles. Harmon plays a tough policewoman who supports the Republican Party. Harmon says that in real life she is a “liberal Republican.” Harmon admits she has it rough being a Republican in Hollywood, but that won’t stop her from believing in gay marriage and having republican views at the same time.

Bo Derek has had a long-lasting career as a model and part-time actress in Hollywood. Throughout the years, Bo has sided with the Republicans often. Derek has worked directly with veterans and has supported the military.

Since she started her acting career back in the 1980s, Lewis has seen many elections. During the 2016 election, Lewis kept her favoritism towards the Republican Party pretty quiet. Throughout the years, though, Lewis has supported Republican candidate, Ron Paul.

Julie Bowen can be seen playing the tough mom on Modern Family. Julie says that the credit for her real-life conservative views can be given to her role as a mother. She says that becoming a mom changed her views of the world entirely. She’s happy with herself as she continually votes for Republican views that are geared towards families.

Thanks to Jenna’s career in the adult industry, she typically voted left. That was until she recently switched sides and voted Republican. During the 2012 election, Jenna was voting for Mitt Romney. She also voted for Marco Rubio during his election in 2016.

Just like his wife, the vampire slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie is proud to be a conservative. Throughout his career, Freddie could be seen playing silly roles. Thanks to his time spent being a dad, Freddie sides with the strong American and family values of the Republicans.

Scott received most of his success decades ago from the hit show Happy Days. These days, Scott stays in the spotlight as a proud advocate for Republican celebrities. Scott could even be seen speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention in support of Donald Trump.

Thanks to starring in the award-winning film, The Wrestler, Mickey has made a Hollywood comeback. He may not be the most popular in Hollywood, though, thanks to his support for George W. Bush. Mickey has said that celebrities need to turn down their hate towards Republicans. He was even quoted saying that he doesn’t blame Bush for the war in Iraq.

David Lynch is known as one of the strangest directors in Hollywood. Even though he has a liberal mindset when it comes to his films, David tends to have a bit more of a conservative view when it comes to his real life.

This country singer isn’t unlike most of the southern performers out there. Even though she likes to keep her views private, she believes the conservative way is the right way. She even performed at a Republican fundraiser in 2011, which raised half a million dollars.

Magician David Blaine can be found advocating for the Republican Party; when he’s not making things disappear, of course. Recent events have shown that there are plenty of tricks going on in Washington these days, but Blaine says that he knows he can trust the party that he believes in.

Kirk Cameron was a huge teen heartthrob during the late 1980s, but today he’s more devoted to his family and his faith. He strongly advocates for the church and the more conservative values in Washington. He is known for siding with politicians who don’t believe in gay marriage.

During the entirety of his career, Alice Cooper has tried keeping his political beliefs quiet. Even though he’s seen playing a crazy rocker on stage, his real life antics are quite different. He is a known supporter of Donald Trump. He says he knows Trump can get the job done because Trump is a “doer.”

You probably know Kevin Sorbo from his role as Hercules. But since then, Sorbo has dropped his lines as an actor, and picked up the microphone to speak in front of House Republicans. Sorbo is known to hang out with Republican circles in Washington. Even though his entire family supported the Democratic Party, Sorbo was a huge supporter of Ronald Reagan.

Singer Meat Loaf is a long-time supporter of the right. He’s also been a huge supporter of the New Jersey governor, Chris Christie. He’s known for contributing to a few Republican campaigns. The most recent of which was the campaign of John McCain in 2008.

Tony Danza comes from a very conservative family in Brooklyn, New York, and he’s a very proud Republican. Tony has managed to keep his political beliefs mostly quiet during his career, but, he has contributed to a number of Republican campaigns. A large sum went to George W. Bush’s campaign in 2004.

Chuck Norris is infamous for his strong roundhouse kick. But lately, people know him for kicking around the liberal left. Norris considers it his American duty to support the conservatives as a Republican. He is also known for opposing gay marriage, along with many other Republicans, in California.

Kenny Chesney is one of the biggest faces in country music. Kenny has said that because one of the only things he can keep to himself is his political beliefs, he keeps them to himself. But, he has openly supported Republican John McCain. He has also shown his dislike for President Obama and his plans to raise taxes on the rich.

Underwood has been quoted saying that she has no respect for celebrities that use their fame to promote candidates. However, Carrie Underwood is known to support the right. She has also performed at an event honoring President George W. Bush.

Julianne comes from a Mormon family, heavily rooted in politics. Considering that her father, Bruce, is a Republican politician in Utah, it’s safe to say that he helped shape her political views. Even though she lives in Hollywood, Julianne remains loyal to her religious and conservative views. She also supported Romney in 2012.

Over the past few years, Dean Cain has left the spotlight of Hollywood. He’s best known for playing the role of comic book hero, turned TV star, Superman. As it turns out, Superman is actually a proud Republican. Dean Cain openly supported Mitt Romney in 2012, as well.

Throughout her career, Gretchen has let her performances speak for her. Even though she hasn’t openly shared her political views, she did perform at the Republican National Convention. She also supported John McCain for president in 2008.

Ben Stein is a well-known writer and comedian. He also hosted the Comedy Central game show, Win Ben Stein’s Money. But, this is one comedian that doesn’t joke about politics. This proud Republican even wrote speeches for Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

It came as a shock to the punk rock culture when Ramone revealed that he was actually a conservative. Punk music typically sides with the concept of anti-establishment, but Ramone told reporters that he supported Ronald Reagan and George Bush.

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