65 Year-Old Gave Birth To Quadruplets, And The Photos Are Adorably Impossible.

65 Year-Old Gave Birth To Quadruplets, And The Photos Are Adorably Impossible. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Annegret Raunigk found herself in the middle of a media firestorm when the 65 year old gave birth to quadruplets in May. First of all, her age was one reason most people had a problem with it, but then you have the fact that she already had thirteen kids. Yes, thirteen kids. She had already made the news headlines back in 2005 when she gave birth to another daughter (Leila) at the young age of just 55 years old. Most people at the time said she was too old at that point in life plus she already had 12 other kids. Well, if people were angry at that point you can just imagine the firestorm that Raunigk was under with this latest pregnancy. It has turned out ok (for now) as all four of the babies have been deemed healthy enough to leave the German hospital and go home with mom. Raunigk has been married only one time and has children from five different men. This time however the pregnancy was the result of a visit to a fertilization clinic. Yup, she did it purposely. She is currently looking for a new house in the country where she can raise her new additions without the watchful eyes of onlookers. She told one news outlet that “I don’t interfere in anyone else’s life and I don’t expect them to interfere in mine.”Raunigk had quadruplets at the age of 65.

She met with several doctors before going through with it.

After a rocky start to life the three brothers and sister were finally allowed to go home.

As if having four kids at once isn’t enough, she became a darling of the media.

Her ten year old daughter talked her into having another kid.

The babies were underweight when they were born and doctors were very worried about them.

The 65 year old new mother poses with her new children.

It doesn’t look like they are having a hard time getting comfortable though.

That’s right her ten year old. That means she was 55 years old when she was born!

Here is mom and daughter posing with all of the new additions to the family.

Her oldest daughter has no problem with her mom’s decision to have more kids.

This 2005 picture shows Raunigk with her entire family of children and grandchildren.

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