65 Year-Old Woman FREAKS When Her Kids Surprise Her With Beyoncé Tickets.

65 Year-Old Woman FREAKS When Her Kids Surprise Her With Beyoncé Tickets. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. We’d all rather be singing and dancing at Beyoncé’s Formation World Tour. Featuring a treadmill runway, a 60-ft-tall rotating LED box, and high fashion (from Balmain to Robert Cavalli), the tour is said to be a visual “game-changer” for stadium concerts (but we all know Queen B is compelling enough as is). And isn’t just the younger generations that dream of seeing her live. One mother from Marlboro, New Jersey, was en route to what she believed was a family party for her 65th birthday when her children unleashed the ultimate surprise. They told her that they were actually headed to Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia to see the Grammy-award winning songstress. And they didn’t have just any tickets. They had BeyHive tickets. The look on their mother’s face was pure bliss. Scroll below for photos and videos of this special surprise.

->**Jade and her brother, Shannon, surprised their mother with tickets to a Beyoncé concert for her 65th birthday. Watch her reaction below.**<-

Here’s the video of us telling my mother she’s going to see @Beyonce #FormationWorldTour pic.twitter.com/QxZzYZtuSL — Jade (@LE_BONES) June 5, 2016

->**”I know you’re lying,” she shook in disbelief. “She ain’t there!”**<-

Pt 2. Of the #FormationWorldTour Bday Surprise for my mom @Beyonce pic.twitter.com/sNfmvBZh1T — Jade (@LE_BONES) June 5, 2016

->**She couldn’t contain her excitement and was extremely grateful. By the way, is anyone else in disbelief that this woman is 65?**<-

Pt.3 of my mother’s bday surprise @Beyonce #FormationWorldTour @shannon_sense pic.twitter.com/fYNSITSDPg — Jade (@LE_BONES) June 5, 2016

->**Our parents work so hard so we could live the dream. Why not give them something back?**<-

STADIUM STATUS #FormationWorldTour @Beyonce @shannon_sense pic.twitter.com/wWO9N0ZRHE — Jade (@LE_BONES) June 6, 2016

**The love is real in this family! Hopefully many others can learn from their example of sharing life’s pleasures, like music and dance, with their parents, too.**

STADIUM STATUS #FormationWorldTour @Beyonce @shannon_sense pic.twitter.com/wWO9N0ZRHE — Jade (@LE_BONES) June 6, 2016

->**The Formation World Tour ends in Nashville on October 2, so make sure to grab tickets while you still can!**<-

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