Guy Turned A 1967 Airstream Into Something You’d Be Proud To Own.

Guy Turned A 1967 Airstream Into Something You’d Be Proud To Own. November 22, 2018

When faced with a change in life people often are forced to get creative to make things as easy as possible. One man was leaving the military and heading back to college to get a degree. He didn’t know where he was going to live while in school and then came across a 1967 Airstream and all of his problems were solved. He paid $5,500 for the vehicle and then added $3,500 worth of renovations. He tore it down to its original state and replaced the floor, made the kitchen bigger, added in a desk and a wine cooler and created a lot more counter space. He even left room for a special washer/dryer single machine. The molding was completely redone, all of the light fixtures were replaced, and the bathroom was completely reworked. It’s a lot of work and the amazing part is that he did it all in a single week! He was happy with the final results but he recommended for anyone else not to try it because it was a lot more work than he originally thought it was going to be. He was going to live in the new unit while in college and then keep it for camping trips and such when he is finished with school. The couch pulls out to a full bed so everything is perfectly sized for the small space. When he was asked why he decided to add a washer/dryer unit he said “Convenience and money. I hate dropping quarters into somebody else’s dirty machine.” In the long run that decision will probably save him a lot of money!