7-Year-Old Boy Adopts Cat With Same Rare Eye Condition And Cleft Lip.

7-Year-Old Boy Adopts Cat With Same Rare Eye Condition And Cleft Lip. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Every person is born completely unique. Unfortunately, we live in a world where instead of being embraced for our differences, we’re sometimes pointed at, made fun of, and cast to the side. Our uniqueness is laughed at to the point where we become sad and wish to be just like everyone else. This little boy is a unique person, and he found a friend that is actually just like him….well, almost.You see, Christina’s son Madden doesn’t just have a cleft lip. Madden has complete heterochromia iridum – a condition where the person’s eyes are two completely different colors.

The cat also had complete heterochromia iridum, but he had also had a cleft lip! Madden and the cat were just alike!

Unfortunately, they were in Oklahoma and the cat was in Minnesota. But thankfully, some of Christina’s friends funded a road trip so she would be able to go get the cat that was destined to be Madden’s friend.

And now Madden and Moon can face the world together! “In a world full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey,” said Christina.

“I hope Moon helps Madden realize that being born unique in an incredible thing; that he is magic,” she said. “Everyone needs a friend, and everyone needs to feel understood. I’m so thankful Madden has Moon.”

“Don’t be mean to other people that are different. We’ve already been through a lot of hard stuff. Show everybody kindness! You’re missing out on a lot of awesome people if you’re being a poophead to them. If somebody’s being mean to you, be nice to them. Because the most unlovable people need love the most.” What a smart little boy!

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