7-Year-Old Boy Ended Up In The Hospital For 19 Days Because Of School Bully.

7-Year-Old Boy Ended Up In The Hospital For 19 Days Because Of School Bully. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

For years, people believed bullying was part of growing up. Dana Kerford, founder of URSTRONG, believes teaching boys and girls how to speak up and recognize healthy and unhealthy relationships, will help to create a “culture rooted in respect and kindness.” This means that parents and educators have an important role to play in outlining what is acceptable and what is not.His mom, Elaine Henson, says her son has been bullied throughout the entire school year by other kids. Jak attends St Peter’s C Of E Primary School in Bratton.

Another seven-year-old student allegedly pushed Jak into a metal pole. Henson claims the school played off the incident as minor.

Jak was in so much pain that he had to be taken again on April 1. This happened to be the boy’s birthday.

He has undergone two operations. Doctors tried to drain the wound.

They released a statement, “We have been made aware of the injury to one of our pupils and our thoughts and concerns are with both the pupil concerned and his family.”

“It is unfortunate that the original minor injury became infected and we hope he has as speedy a recovery as possible,” the statement continued.

“The circumstances of the original minor injury are being fully investigated by the school with the support of Telford & Wrekin Council and until those investigations are concluded we cannot say anything further at this stage,” it concluded.

Henson admitted this is “every parents’ worst nightmare.” She said the accident has left her boy “screaming in pain.”

“It’s been awful, I can’t think of anything worse for a parent than to have to watch their child scream with pain and not be able to help,” she continues. Frustrated Henson took to Facebook to speak of her son’s ordeal.

“We are currently working with the school and families concerned to establish exactly what happened,” it read. Henson opened a Facebook page titled Justice For Jak. Photos of a happier times for the family are shown.

Jak, who loves Pokemon, has received countless Pokemon cards like the one in the photo from Sally Tomlinson. He has also received get-well cards and gift cards. Henson wrote, ” A stranger goes to these lengths but the bully’s parents have not apologized, nor sent a get well card to Jak.”

After 19 days, Jak was released from the hospital. Nonetheless, his road to recovery has not been easy. He had some of his veins around and under the wound collapse.

She started a Just Giving page, similar to North America’s Go Fund Me website. Initially it was started to pay for a birthday party for Jak since his had to be cancelled after being admitted to the hospital.

Henson received letters and messages from parents of children who attend the same school as Jak. They also felt the school was apathetic to school bullying.

“We understand that people are, quite rightly, concerned about the injury sustained to this young boy, who suffered a minor injury during an altercation with another pupil at school, then sadly developed an infection,” Superintendent Tom Harding responded.

“The age of criminal responsibility in England is 10 years old and therefore children under the age of 10 cannot be criminally liable for their actions,” Harding said.

After weeks and months of criticism, the school finally admitted that Henson was right all along. Jak had gone through bullying that escalated to the point of him being pushed into a metal pole.

She has reached out to the police, her Member of Parliament (MP), the school administration, and other parents. “My son is seven years old I am his voice so I will do anything in my power to protect him,” Henson explained.

It took him about a month for him to feel well enough both physically and emotionally to go out again. He has also had countless of doctor visits since he was released from the hospital.

Although his mom was in contact with Jak’s teachers. It was mutually agreed he wouldn’t be expected to complete any school work while recovering.

Henson said surgeons informed them that Jak’s hair will likely never grow back. She admitted feeling “heart broken my little boy will have this scar for life.”

Finally, on May 15, Henson posted that she met with school officials. She posted that it “was admitted that ‘things have been handled incorrectly and lots of mistakes have been made and learnt from.”

Upon his return to school, Jak will receive one on one supervision. He will also not be put in the same classroom as the child who pushed him into the metal pole.

Nonetheless, Henson admits Jak’s biggest worry is the scar on his head. The school has asked the pupils not to make any comments or references to the scar.

“He understands he has to face his bully each day but believes the school will now protect him and he wants to be ‘normal’ again,” Henson wrote.. “I’m proud of my son and the battle he still continues to fight each day.”

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