8 News Stories (Almost) Too Ironic To Be Real.

8 News Stories (Almost) Too Ironic To Be Real. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Strange coincidences happen no matter where you turn. But when something happens that is the total opposite of what one expected, that’s what we call ironic. Some perfect examples of this are when a fire station catches on fire, when a cop gets arrested, or when a skydiver develops a sudden fear of heights. But there are some amazing stories out there that are unbelievably ironic, and in some cases, humorous. Here are 9 stories that will truly blow your mind.One of the girls kicked the gold nugget. Then her dad weighed the nugget at a supermarket and discovered it was 20 ounces, which is about $25,000 USD. So, Lucky did, in fact, bring them luck!

In 2011, Kevin Bailey and James Delliskave received spelling bee trophies with a spelling mistake. The word “spelling” had an extra “l.” Maybe the trophy company should consider using a spellchecker.

The ironic thing is that there’s no way to know for sure because the U.S. Patent Office caught on fire and burned down in 1836. But hey, at least the fire hydrant managed to outlive the patent office.

Dartmouth College students had some serious explaining to do after they got caught cheating. Some students got disciplined while others had time to ponder their mistake after getting suspended.

Most of us know that the story of Noah deals with a massive flood. But right before the screening of this epic movie, excess water was found in the Exeter Vue cinema, so essentially, a flood ruined “Noah.”

George Dalmon and Andy Miles thought they could eat as much as they wanted when they sat at the Gobi restaurant in Brighton. But it became their last meal after the manager banned the guys from returning.

But when the homeopathy company Terra Medica discovered some of their product might have contained legit antibiotics, they had no choice but to recall their products to avoid a potential medical emergency.

Nopiracy.org got called out for using someone else’s copyright protected photo for their anti-piracy ad. This was a perfect example of the saying “Do as we say, not as we do.”

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