8 Orphaned Kittens Hungry For A Day Get A Second Chance At Life.

8 Orphaned Kittens Hungry For A Day Get A Second Chance At Life. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Any specie in its infancy is vulnerable, dependant on its mother for survival. For the first few months, every newborn needs the love and care from their caregivers. Animal mommies provide their newborns with food, shelter, as well as teaching them the skills they need to survive in the wild. However, there are sad instances when the baby and mother are separated. In extreme circumstances the separation happens when the mother has an accident or falls prey to a larger animal. Good thing there are people willing to help. Animal shelters are there to take care of the orphaned creatures. Everything with providing food, shelter, health check-ups to finding a forever home, is part of the job.The kittens were all alone and terrified. They were about three days old and were in dire need of their mom. The poor souls were scared to death, especially the kittens that had not even opened their eyes yet.

The staff fed the hungry kittens in shifts. Their main aim was to help them all survive and grow up to be healthy and strong.

Jo-Marié and Bernice are devoted caregivers. Jo-Marié said that she and another volunteer “spent a weekend trying to locate the cat mama with no luck. By the Sunday we started feeding the babies as they were screaming and hungry.”

The fur balls climb all over their foster mommy for their bottles of milk. They run, climb, jump, and try to catch the human’s attention.

The felines finally opened their eyes after days of endless struggle, a lot of bottle feedings, and many sleepless nights. The best thing was that all of them were still healthy and had survived against the odds. They even learned to share their food as siblings.

The kitties have started eating food from the bowl. Besides food and shelter, the cats are given a lot of love.

Now that these bundles of joy are strong, they will be put up for adoption. Together they have come a long way, surviving without their mother.

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