A Dad Trolled His Daughter’s Modeling-Shoot In The Funniest Way.

A Dad Trolled His Daughter’s Modeling-Shoot In The Funniest Way. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

If you had a teenage daughter and you were staying at the same hotel as she did, there’s only one thing you can do as a parent. Re-create your daughter’s vacation pics and blast it all over the internet.

Kendel Divarco is a student from Glendale, Arizona who, before finishing high school and heading on to college, won a modeling contest and traveled to Las Vegas for a photo shoot at the Green Valley Ranch resort. When her father realized he was staying in the same spot where his daughter had her photo session, he had one incredible prank in mind that has now gone viral.The Arizona born model won a contest in January, and was flown to Vegas in an all-expense-pay contest that had her and other models participating in a shoot.

Her dad, Vince, had one thing in mind and he did what any self-respecting dad would do in his position: make fun of his kid.

Her dad’s shoot may have had far less production but he still managed to prove that sass runs in the family.

Work those cargo pants, dad.

Kendel looked poised, elegant and a total natural at modeling while her dad looked completely natural at being a serious prankster.

I bet family dinners are a hoot in this family.

She stated, “My parents have always been jokers so when I heard that they did the recreation, it was hilarious but totally something expected from them!”

Kendel’s dad sense of humor is the kind that’d be heavily appreciated on social media.

When his wife initially shared these on Facebook, they didn’t initially get the praise he was looking for.

Needless to say, the internet had a whole different reaction, making this dad’s hilarious parody shoot go viral.

Kendel and the whole family were thrilled.

Anyone would be stoked to be a part of this hilarious family!

Vince did some adulting, and then went back to being a prankster, finding the exact spots where his daughter did the photo shoot recreating everything from the body positioning to that smize.

Someone’s been watching America’s Next Top Model, huh, dad.

The gorgeous blonde beauty said, “But I am a little upset my dad looked better than I did in most of them.” It’s pretty much a tie!

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