A DNA Test Reveals a Shocking Revelation, A Relative Hidden from the Family for 57 Years

A DNA Test Reveals a Shocking Revelation, A Relative Hidden from the Family for 57 Years March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Image: Life Daily Being a parent is one of the most rewarding jobs a person could ever take on.

It’s also one of the hardest. For some mothers and fathers, being a parent is the perfect fit; however, for others, the timing may just not be right.

Christine grew up with her grandparents raising her.

Donna never took an active part in her life, but Christine would come to realize that she only wanted what was best for her.

Unfortunately, her father remained a mystery.

As Christine grew up and left her childhood behind, she continued to question who he was.

Sadly, Christine was let down by her birth certificate, since all that was listed under the space for her father was “unknown father.” Christine knew of only two people who might know his identity, her grandparents.

According to Christine’s grandparents, the only information they had about her birth father was his name was Dorie and he had grown up in Pennsylvania.

Christine tried to move on, focusing on her future and not her past.

She eventually fell in love, got married and started a family of her own.

Cindy revealed to the local media that she reached out Christine because of their similar profiles and connections.

She was curious to see how they were related.

At first, Christine responded that she didn’t know a Cindy, but Cindy told her based on their profiles and DNA they were cousins.

It was at this moment, Christine let Cindy know she had been searching for her father.

Cindy asked Christine for all the information she had available about her adoption and biological parents.

It was possible she could find some family connections. After going through the materials, Cindy was stunned.

With all of the evidence in place, Cindy realized it was time to call her uncle and let him know he had a daughter.

“Uncle Dorie, you know I love you. Now, did you ever live in Fort Riley, Kansas?”.

While Christine certainly was excited about meeting her father, she wasn’t too sure she wanted to call him ‘Dad’ just yet.

However, it only took a few conversations on the phone, as well as the DNA test confirmation to change her mind.

Christine and Dorie immediately developed a father and daughter bond.

It was as if they had known each other all of their lives. Dorie mentioned that they would be having a family birthday in Pennsylvania that April and he would love for Christine to come.

Christine wanted to make sure to fulfill Dorie’s wish and have him named on her original birth certificate.

Now, her past was complete and the missing piece was found.

Despite so much time being lost between Christine and Dorie, they both decided to not dwell on the past.

They just want to focus on the time they have now. Dorie revealed to the local news that he and Christine talked daily and he is looking forward to meeting the rest of his new family. It may have taken decades, but now this broken has finally become whole.

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