A Farmer Suddenly Died From A Tick Bite, But What Doctors Discovered After… WOW!

A Farmer Suddenly Died From A Tick Bite, But What Doctors Discovered After… WOW! April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Getting a tick once or twice in your lifetime is pretty common, especially if you live in a particularly rugged or forested area. There are definitely risks that extend beyond the pain and effort it takes to remove them, but scientists have also found that getting a tick could actually be deadly. After one farmer passed away from a tick bite, there was serious curiosity about how something that was once considered dangerous (but not deadly) could turn so. Find out what happened in the story below — after reading, you’re going to want to do whatever it takes to protect yourself from these critters.Ticks are known for literally sucking the blood from all types of animals. Unfortunately, that also includes humans. Ticks carry Lyme disease, which can be incredibly dangerous.

After a farmer was bitten by a tick, he mysteriously died. Researchers were determined to find his cause of death.

Unfortunately, his mysterious illness was just too serious to beat.

After his death, the CDC learned the farmer was infected with an unknown virus now named the “Bourbon Virus.”

So far, he is the only reported case, but one case is enough to get scientists, doctors, and researchers worried.

While the farmer was the only reported case in the United States, it was reported that the virus is similar to others in the world.

“It’s genome is similar to viruses that have been found in Europe, Africa and Asia, but it has never been identified in the western hemisphere, certainly nothing we’ve ever seen here,” infectious disease expert Dr. Dana Hawkinson said in an interview.

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