A Stranger Hit His Car And Left This HILARIOUS Note.

A Stranger Hit His Car And Left This HILARIOUS Note. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

**Is it possible to hit someone’s car and make their day in the same day? Just ask Thomas, whose fender bender story has received over 80k likes on Twitter.** On May 5, Thomas Callow, a 20-year-old college student, was headed for his car in New Bedford, Massachusetts after breezing through an English exam. It was there in the parking lot that he discovered a curious piece of paper attached to his car. “I thought [it] was a parking ticket because I get those everyday,” Callow told NY Mag over Twitter DM. According to one survey, two parking tickets are issued per college student each year, so it wouldn’t have been a huge surprise. However, the paper was actually a note from an anonymous person who had scratched his bumper. **Scroll below to see the original note and the trending responses that followed.**

->**”Yo I hit your car. I’m leaving this note cause someone’s watching … They’re still watching … Okay I’m good. My bad n*gga. Peace.”**<-

Not even mad about the scratches lmfao…..Hands down the funniest thing that has ever happened to me only in NewB ? pic.twitter.com/Mc3WD6P12H — Tcalloww (@TCalloww) May 5, 2016

->**“I wasn’t mad, the car I have is very old,” Callow insisted as his story was picked up by several media outlets. “I thought the whole thing was awesome. Whoever wrote the note made a lot of people’s days.”**<-

Another reporter 6th one today I’m just living life ? pic.twitter.com/o5sjCbdAk1 — Tcalloww (@TCalloww) May 11, 2016

->**If that wasn’t enough, he’s also made it on the news…**<-

TOM CALLOW ABC NEWS!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/q5wmawHgft — Tcalloww (@TCalloww) May 11, 2016

->**…and has been recognized in public.**<-

Just got my first “Omg are you that kid with the note on the car” lmfao gassed — Tcalloww (@TCalloww) May 7, 2016

->**The incident has sparked an ongoing conversation in the Twitter community.**<-

@TCalloww @FoxNews Oh, not exact same letter. Looks like someone else had the same idea. pic.twitter.com/vLgmRZ3dXO — Patti Ann Boyd (@pattykake44) May 11, 2016

->**Isn’t it great to see the world coming together one tweet at a time?**<-

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