Abandoned Puppy Had Given Up On Life, Until He Was Saved By Love.

Abandoned Puppy Had Given Up On Life, Until He Was Saved By Love. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

The Everglades in South Florida is 1.5 million acres of wetland where animals like deer, crocodiles, bobcat, Florida panther, venomous snakes, and alligators, call home. Although the landscape there is breathtaking, it comes with a lot of warnings to stay away from dangerous areas. The Everglades National Park allows for pets to be present only in designated areas and must always be on a leash. This is for the protection of the wildlife, humans, and the dogs themselves. Consequently, visitors are not likely to find canines wondering around alone. But that is exactly what a couple walking around the Everglades found. They didn’t know if he had been abandoned or got lost but the pup was terrified of being there. The good samaritans stayed with the canine for four hours, refusing to leave it on its own. When the Broward County Sheriff’s Department showed up, little did the pup know its life was about to change.They called the Broward County Sheriff’s Department for help. They assumed the canine had been living in the Everglades for quite some time.

Officers weren’t sure if the animal had died until they flashed their light and it moved.

As they inspected closer, they realized the animal was in rough shape. He was unresponsive, like he had given up.

The officers gave the animal some food. This gave them the opportunity to inspect the pup further. They found he was suffering from severe mange and the face looked injured and bleeding.

Sandra Dezelen, the founder of the non-profit Dezzy’s Second Chance Animal Rescue took the canine in. The frightened animal had a staph infection on the skin, an ear infection, and the eyes were damaged. It needed surgery.

Dezelen put the dog in antibiotics and an ointment for the face. He was also treated for infection in the lymph nodes

Powder had a entropian eye surgery and a distichia surgery.

Aside from the medical care, Powder learned to trust humans again.

It took weeks before the doctor felt Powder was strong enough to have the surgeries performed.

The canine began to have more energy. Powder was socializing and playing with the other dogs in the rescue centre. Some days he could be found cuddling with another dog.

It took five intense months of medical intervention, patience, and lots of love until Powder made a full recovery. The centre found a forever home for Powder as well.

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