Puppies Lost Their Fur After Being Cruelly Abandoned, But Love Saved Them.

Puppies Lost Their Fur After Being Cruelly Abandoned, But Love Saved Them. April 9, 2019

When our little furry ones get sick, we are able to take them to the vet for proper treatment and eventually with some extra TLC and time they can heal quickly. Can you imagine what stray animals have to go through when they get sick? Becoming sick is one thing, but staying sick and untreated can lead to dire situations. For example, six helpless puppies were found in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan. When Kristina Ronaldo, the executive director of Detroit Dog Rescue, came to pick up the six puppies from animal control, she was speechless. The puppies were so sick that they had lost all their fur.The pups were found hairless and pink, covered in painful sores. In addition, they all had a fever so high it seemed like they were burning.

The cause for the dogs losing their fur was from mange.

After Rinaldi came to collect the puppies from animal control, she rushed them to the vet. Unfortunately, two of them passed away during the ride to the clinic.

The puppies got round-the-clock care and attention for their mange.

The sweet puppies were given names: Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur.

Who could resist these sweet faces?

English told The Dodo, “We gave [Wilbur] a beautiful home with a huge backyard to run around in. He’s got a puppy brother from another mother who also lives with him. They’re both the same age – 2-years-old. And he’s spoiled like hell. My husband and I decided not to have kids, so these are our kids. He has a life of luxury.”