Little Baby Was Abandoned By Her Adoptive Parents And The Reason Will Make You Cry.

Little Baby Was Abandoned By Her Adoptive Parents And The Reason Will Make You Cry. December 15, 2018

Adoption is a lengthy and emotionally intensive process but it can be very rewarding. Christina Fisher of Florida was working with a couple who to wanted adopt her baby girl, later named Abigail Lynn. But after learning that she was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that causes individuals to have underdeveloped facial bones and a small jaw and chin, they decided not to go through with the adoption. Fisher told PEOPLE that although she had an amniocentesis, a prenatal test that determines whether or not your baby will have a genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormality, there were no signs of the syndrome. Now Fisher, a single mother, has decided to care for Abigail herself. “Honestly, they missed out because my daughter is the most beautiful and happy baby on the planet,” she said. “She’s perfect and I’m just sorry they couldn’t see that.” Continue reading for more details and photos for this story.She has an 18-year-old daughter, Deborah, and currently works at a fast food restaurant in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. to support her small family.

She decided to give up her baby for adoption. The father wasn’t in the picture and Fisher said she was in a hard place financially, even describing herself as “basically homeless.” She was relieved to find a “sweet, nice” couple from Georgia that would provide for and raise the child. They agreed on an open adoption.

“The couple was so generous,” she said in an interview. “They sent me robes and soothing body oils and back washes when I was pregnant.“

After 13 hours of labor and a cesarean, the world welcomed a new kindred spirit. Fisher said that “Abigail just looked like a chubby, swollen baby before they took her away to the NICU.”

Abigail was born with facial deformities from Treacher Collins syndrome, a condition that hadn’t been detected by prenatal tests.

Also called mandibulofacial dysostosis, Treacher Collins syndrome affects the head and face. Some characteristics of the syndrome include but are not limited to down-slanting eyes, underdevelopment of cheekbones, a small and slanting lower jaw, and underdeveloped or malformed ears.

The next day, Fisher was informed that the couple had backed out of the adoption. Despite their ongoing support, they left “when Abigail wasn’t perfect.”

She couldn’t understand how they could do that to Abigail. But these things happen, and Fisher made another big decision to raise Abigail on her own.

Peery offered to photograph the mother and daughter duo when she heard about their story.

She might need reconstructive surgery in the future but the condition will not have other impacts on her health.

Over 500 people have donated to a GoFundMe to help Christina Fisher raise her little angel. So far, they’ve reached about $22,376 of their $25,000 goal.