Abused Circus Bear Is Freed After Spending 30 Years In A Steel Cage.

Abused Circus Bear Is Freed After Spending 30 Years In A Steel Cage. December 2, 2018

The actions of some people are less than humane. Their treatment of animals are cruel and barbaric to say the least. Not realizing they are handling a real, breathing, feeling life. They justify their actions by assuming it is in their right to abuse and exploit these creatures, despite the obvious signs of pain and suffering. Animals and humans are meant to live side by side, harmoniously. Unfortunately, the constant use of these creatures for work, sport, and entertainment in this day and age are shocking and alarming. Trainers preparing animals for circus performance use savage and unforgiving methods.Fifi spent 30 years captive in a zoo where she was subjected to harsh conditions. She had a chain around her neck to force her to stand on her hind legs for long periods of time, something painful and unnatural for these beautiful creatures. If she tried to stand on all four, the chain would choke her. She was beaten until she learned to perform circus tricks like jumping through the fire ring, walking on a wire, and other tasks.

Fifi’s natural need to hibernate was denied. Forced to stay awake for the six months she should have been sleeping.

After the zoo closure in 1995, rather than set her free to live in the wild, the owners simply left her in the cage.

Fifi and her fellow bears Marsha, Pocahontas, and Bruno were no longer wanted by the owners. When PETA stepped in, they found the bears were malnourished, unhealthy, underweight, and depressed. Fifi, in particular showed signs of painful arthritis that went untreated. Her coat was very thin and her eyes were filled with despair. The animals were immediately transported with two veterinarians to ensure a safe transportation.

The Wild Animal Sanctuary gave Fifi the treatment she desperately needed and deserved. She took her first hibernation in 30 years. She could roam about and eat without limits. She was free to climb, swim, and do all the things bears love.