CCTV Footage Shows The Moment A Father Accidentally Kills His Son.

CCTV Footage Shows The Moment A Father Accidentally Kills His Son. October 24, 2018

When a child starts growing up, their parents try to teach them good traits to raise them right. They always try to teach them things like manners, respect, right from wrong, and the proper way to conduct themselves in certain situations. In today’s society, it’s a very slippery slope. Things are much different than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Now more than ever before a parent has to know how far is too far. Some parents are better than others at this teaching process and those usually see better results as the years go by. Sometimes, however, it just doesn’t matter how many times you tell a child to do something. If they don’t want to listen, they just aren’t going to and sometimes the results from that can be tragic. In this story a simple act of a child having fun with their father had deadly consequences. It took place in a supermarket in China and the tragic event was caught on the store’s CCTV. What started out as a child getting a little too close to his father, ended up in a horribly tragic accident occurring. You can only imagine how bad his father felt.Getting children to learn the right way to do things is one of the toughest challenges that a parent faces. You want to teach them the right way to do things but you don’t want to go too far.

Children don’t understand the concept of personal space. It’s a very hard thing for them to learn as they always want to be right next to their mom or dad.

This father had warned his son about hanging on him from behind. The child didn’t listen and ended up with the worst possible punishment.

The supermarket in China had CCTV going and the cameras caught the entire accident on tape.

Here you can see the son continuing to grab onto his father from behind. He was leaning backward with all of his weight. It may not have been a lot of weight but it was enough to knock his father over.

Eventually the father fell backwards from the weight of his son. While the fall itself didn’t look to be that bad, the way he landed on top of his child was devastating.

His son was pronounced dead right there in the store and an x-ray showed that he suffered a broken neck.

No parent wants to have to bury their own child. It’s probably the most horrific thing that a parent can go though.