According To A Poll, Americans Say These Jobs Are Perfect For Liars.

According To A Poll, Americans Say These Jobs Are Perfect For Liars. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

People have probably never questioned your honesty in your line of work unless you’re a car salesman or a lawyer. But when Gallup did a two-year poll which asked Americans to rate careers based on level of honesty, the results were surprising. According to the poll, these are some of the most dishonest, integrity-lacking careers people have.

You’ll get why so many Americans rated this career as dishonest. After all, haven’t you ever gotten your car fixed by a mechanic, only to have the vehicle break down a few days later? But you might not agree with this next career on the list, especially if you’re a fan of Judge Judy.

You might assume judges are trustworthy, unless of course you’ve gotten into trouble with the law or had to fight a traffic ticket. But Americans seem to have a very poor opinion of judges based on their personal experiences. We’re shocked that this next profession was deemed dishonest, especially for those of us how loved college.

Results showed that college professors got top ratings from half of Americans in the Gallup poll. Maybe those who felt their professors lacked honesty are the same ones who believe Pinko communists infiltrated higher education? If you’re not a fan of the current political regime, then the next career on the list shouldn’t be much of a shocker.

Governments aren’t free of corruption. Everyone knows this. So, while they rank high on this list, politicians on the local level did better than those in higher levels of the government. Now this is kind of sad because a lack of trust in the government is detrimental to a democratic society. You might be one of these if the next career on this list surprises you.

Everyone has had to deal with dishonesty at some point when dealing with a financial institution. Maybe your experience is a cautionary tale. To drive the point home, most bankers won’t fess up about all the fees you will wind up paying with a new bank account. The next career should worry you a lot, especially if you plan on placing a loved one in an assisted- living facility.

You may not have thought about this profession if you’re young and don’t have any aging relatives or friends. But if you did a bit of investigating, you’ll find lots of stories on suspicious nursing homes with staff who ignore the well-being of residents and mistreat them. You’d probably be shocked if we didn’t include this next profession on this list of some of the most deceitful careers ever.

Given the number of lawyers who are shady, it shouldn’t surprise you that only 18% of Americans believe that their attorneys have any ethics or are honest. And yet, we have to believe that there are still some attorneys out there who really do want what’s best for their clients. Would you prefer to make lots of money, or remain honest?

Most business-oriented people want to become CEOs, but once they get there they notice people don’t seem to trust them. Now it’s not that they don’t deserve that. There are plenty of stories about executives giving their employees minimum wage and forcing them to work long hours while they get big bonuses. Have you lost all faith in the integrity of the government?

State politicians are deemed far more dishonest than other politicians. In fact, one-third of Americans claim these political figures have little ethics. Then again, how many folks actually know the name of their state representative? If you happen to consider sales people dishonest, then you’ll definitely get why this next career is on here.

Maybe people felt different about advertisement professionals up until the TV series Mad Men started airing. It’s not that we don’t sympathize. The whole point of advertising is to trick consumers into buying products that you’re marketing. You’ll be disappointed with this next career if you like films like The Post or Spotlight.

Bordering on the concept of “fake news,” this may be the reason why this career is on the list. Sadly, in the world of media, print journalists are about some of the most skillful investigators you’ll ever meet. But you’ll totally get why this next profession is on the list if you happen to watch cable news.

The TV news has turned into a media circus over the last couple of years, which might explain the unwarranted hate. Most networks look for breaking news that’s juicy, but in the process risk reporting news that may be totally false or inaccurate. You probably take a bus if you haven’t encountered a person that’s totally untruthful.

Only 10% of Americans think that car salespersons are actually honest, proving that most of us, actually feel like car salespersons are basically cons. Come to think of it, that 10% are probably the sales reps and their mothers because most people know how sleazy car salespeople can really be. Unless this is what you do for a living, you would really like it if this job would disappear.

Some of us don’t know what lobbyists do, especially if we’re not into politics. But those that do, may not know everything. Unfortunately, that’s the issue with this career. Rarely do we know the tactics that lobbyists will use in order to influence a policy for their own personal benefit or agenda. Brace yourself because this is a liar’s ultimate job according to Americans.

Perhaps it’s the political environment of today that’s influencing this choice, so we wouldn’t mind seeing a poll conducted from a previous decade to do a little comparison. Now Republicans and Democrats don’t agree on a lot of things, but they do believe that federal lawmakers are dishonest. It’s heartbreaking when 60% of Americans vote your career choice as having low ethics.

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