He Had Zero Coffee And Zero Alcohol For 25 Months, And This Is What Happened.

He Had Zero Coffee And Zero Alcohol For 25 Months, And This Is What Happened. January 19, 2019

Going for a coffee or drinks with co-workers and friends is the social norm nowadays. We take for granted that one cup of java here, a couple beer bottles there, and before you know it, you are spending a couple hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. On December 26, 2016, Tobias Van Schneider revealed he was on his 27th month of not consuming any alcohol or coffee. His friends wanted to know what changes he had gone through in the over two years since he made that decision. His response was surprising and not just because of the health benefits he gained.It all started as an experiment, he decided to change his habits just to witness what it would do to his body. In his blog he shares how the experiment has done wonders for his body.

To begin, he saved up to $1,000 every month. He noticed his financial gain after only two months of starting his journey. “I live in New York. In order to spend $1,000 on alcohol, I only have to spend $33 everyday. Assume that I have 2-3 cocktails every other day (which are $10 each without tip), including some wine bottles every month for at home I can easily spend $1000,” he explained on his blog.

He went on to further explain that the only setback he had to face was how tiresome it was to explain to everyone the reason for leaving alcohol and coffee. Moreover, in order to maintain the diet, the conscious answer would be “NO” to any social gathering.

“While I was never a party animal anyways, completely stopping with alcohol made me go out even less. It’s amazing to see the culture of drinking slowly fading away from your life. It made me realize how many friendships are actually based mostly on your drinking habits” he understood.

Most people assume that after one or two drinks they get better sleep. However, Tobias found out that his appetite increased and so did his quality sleeping time. He wakes up with more energy now as compared to his past ruined mornings.

Van Schneider understood that coffee made him more anxious and affected his digestion. Today, he is more relaxed and can even poop better. He has replaced coffee with iced tea in the summer and regular tea in the winter. To sum it all up, he is very happy with his decision, and doesn’t plan to go back to his old ways any time soon.

“PS: Before someone asks. I do not smoke cigarettes. I also don’t smoke weed. I also don’t take any drugs whatsoever. (I have Internet, that’s addiction enough for me),” he concluded.