30 Pets You Can Adopt Right Now… I’m Seriously Tempted To Adopt #17.

30 Pets You Can Adopt Right Now… I’m Seriously Tempted To Adopt #17. June 4, 2017

Have you ever thought of adopting a pet? The truth is, there are plenty of reasons that you should consider adoption before purchasing your pets from breeders and pet stores. According to the Human Society, the four most important reasons that you should consider adoption are as follows. 1. When you adopt a pet, you’re also saving a life. 2. If you adopt, you no longer support puppy mills and their cruel breeding practices. 3. Adopting a pet saves money – store bought animals can be pricey! 4. Adopting will genuinely make you feel good. It’s make your animal’s life a lot better, too! If those reasons aren’t compelling enough for you, consider looking at the sweet faces of the following cats and dogs and reconsider. Remember, every time you adopt a pet, you save a life. Aren’t all of these lives worth saving?Princess is a boisterous gal. She’s rather strong and can pull on leash fairly hard, and she’s friendly to the point of helping herself to your personal space. She can be pushy with her mouth and body; she will need a physically capable owner and is likely too much for small children at this time. She’ll need regular exercise; she enjoys playing with toys and may like a good game of fetch. Basic manners training is also recommended to build her vocabulary and refine her manners in general. Adopters should like very affectionate dogs and have a good sense of humor when handling Princess. She is sensitive to things coming over her head (tends to duck down) so training will be helpful in building her confidence and desensitizing her to this action. Princess was rather stressed when she first arrived at the shelter but she’s coming out of her shell more and more each day.

Hello, I’m a really cute kitten, and everyone who sees me can’t help but to fall in love with me. Kittens need to be a part of the family, and do best with someone who can devote a lot of time to them, or have another kitten or cat to keep them company. I’m young, have no manners yet, and can be a bit mischievous, so I will need help learning how to be a good cat. Kittens love to play, but they will need to learn how to play appropriately with people and other pets. If you have the time, patience, and love for me, I can’t wait to meet you.

I am a spayed female, blk/wht Australian Cattle Dog mix. I weigh about 42 Lbs. The shelter staff think I am about 4 years old. I came into the shelter on May 20, 2015, and am currently staying in a foster home.

I am a neutered male, blk/wht Domestic Shorthair mix. I weigh about 16 Lbs. The shelter staff think I am about 6 years old. I have been at the shelter since Mar 16, 2015.

I am a spayed female, brown and white Beagle mix. I weigh about 29 Lbs. The shelter staff think I am about 3 years old. I have been at the shelter since May 28, 2015.

I am already neutered, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, not good with dogs, and not good with cats. Maxwell was purchased with the intent of making him a guard dog but he was “fired” because he was too sweet! Born 7/29/14, Maxwell is very smart and eager to learn.. Even though Maxwell is just under a year old, he is already a big boy. Now that the weather is warmer, we have found out he also loves the water!

Tiger came to us by no fault of his own. He was living in a nice, cozy home where the owner passed away and no one else was able to take care of him (and his housemate, Wendy – also up for adoption). He is quiet, a bit shy but also trusting enough, considering his circumstances. We would love to see him find a new place, just as cozy and comfortable for him to spend his time.

Jax is a big boy with movie star good looks who still thinks of himself as a puppy at heart. This beautiful boy’s past history isn’t well known, but it apparently didn’t involve a lot of training, so he’s at work on his manners, especially his leash training. He does obey the sit and down commands.

Hi! I’m birdie, I’m a chihuahua/Short Coat mix. I’m only 2 months old. Come pick me up so we can play.

Katy is a loving and calm girl. She’s on the older side, so she’s more of a snuggler than a fighter (although she does like to get a few introductory hisses out of the way when meeting a new cat). Her favorite place in the whole world is the spot right next to you.

Yogurt might be the smallest in her litter, but this little lady has a big personality. This curious, black-and-white kitten isn’t afraid of playing with the big boys. She gets along well with everyone she meets – human or otherwise – and is sure to bring plenty of fun to your house!

I am a young Collie, Mutt-i-gree/Mix, Terrier. I’m loyal and playful. I enjoy taking walks and I like giving hugs and kisses.

I am already neutered, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and not good with cats. Meet Crusoe! Crusoe is a unique looking, happy guy who loves people. Crusoe does well with other dogs, and loves to play in the play yards. Crusoe would be great for someone who likes to hike, go on walks, and explore. He is a young guy who is extremely friendly and wants to find his perfect match.

Vinny hopes you will accept his love and let him share his joy with you every day. He likes to play fetch. He will do best with plenty of quality time with you daily, both for exercising and bonding.

Affectionate boy, leonine longhair, previously declawed (front paws), neutered, 6 years. He is very loving and enjoys his toys. He is compatible with calm cats and dogs. He likes to nap by windows to soak up sun-rays.

Soul-mates, small Terrier mix & Yellow Labrador Retriever, neutered boy, 3 & 11 years. The magical bond of Benji & Pops is in no way diminished by their differences in age or size. In fact, Benji’s whole world revolves around Pops, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, and he cries when they are apart and nuzzles & grooms him when together.

Tennis anyone? That’s Nina’s favorite game, well that’s her favorite ball anyway. Nina loves tennis balls and takes them wherever she goes. Nina is athletic, laid back and is happy wherever you are, as long as there is a tennis ball there too. Nina is an American Pit Bull Terrier that would do well in a laid back environment. Nina does well with some male dogs and would do best with children older than eight years old. Do you have room in your heart and home for Nina? Nina has been at Detroit Dog Rescue for over a year and we’d love to see her get a home so Nina’s adoption fee is only $100.

Milo is very mellow and just wants to hang out on the top of the cat tree and watch the world go by…or at least the customers inside of Petco. He is a big teddy bear that loves to be petted and will come to you to get loves. However, he doesn’t want to picked up. He also loves wet food and will follow you anywhere if you have some in hand.

Eve is a playful, happy and outgoing 1 yr old Rottie mix. She is friendly, likes balls, and loves treats. She knows sit, down and likes car rides. She is about 53 lbs and would do best as an only dog. Adoption price includes spay, microchip, deworming, current vaccinations, 30 days of pet insurance and a lifetime of unconditional love.

Big, beautiful Ilsa ia a fun-loving 5.5 year old Shepherd mix. Ilsa is 86 lbs of personality plus. This funny girl likes to play with toys, loves walks and handles nicely on a leash. She is smart and alert, this girl knows what’s going on! Ilsa was owner surrendered and is waiting patiently for her new family to appreciate her zest for life and her fluffy golden coat. Ilsa loves attention , knows basic commands, and is described as dog tolerant.

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro? Mine do! My name is Hunter and I am pleased to meet you! I am a handsome young Basset Hound, and true my breed I am a laid-back and gentle dog, and would be a great companion for a family with children or other pets. I love the outdoors, and although I am not too intense with my energy, I still love to stay active with daily excursions. I am very affectionate and will be a loyal friend for an owner who is willing to invest the time and energy into my training and daily care. I am still perfecting the basic commands, and need a bit more work on my housetraining, so please be patient and understanding of the unique quirks of my breed. I will need regular ear cleanings to ensure I am healthy and comfortable. For more information, come into the Adoption Centre and ask for me!

Meow, I’m Suki, always at the window watching with my big green eyes, always ready for love. That’s me, a 3 year old girl who is looking for her furrever home! I would do best as the only feline in my home, or with another very active kitty who can keep up with my energetic play-style. I love playing, and am looking for an owner who can help keep my mind happy and body healthy by giving me lots of fun activities to engage in.

Everybody loves Bacon, right? Well, in addition to having the best dog name in existence, I’m also a pretty great pet, too. I’m only 5 months old, so I haven’t formed any bad habits yet. I’m a Labrador/Chihuahua mix, and the only thing I love more than snuggling up with people is eating my favorite treats, like jerky, tasty bones, and of course, bacon!

Hey hey, my name is Bronx and I’m a scrappy little mixed Terrier that would love to wake you up every morning with a smile! I have a scruffy fur coat that is easy to snuggle, and I always keep a wide grin on my face. I’m two years and two months old, and I hope to find my family before I turn two-and-a-half. I would love to be in a family with children that I can run around with, and with people who will love me forever.

Sidney seems like a sweet, playful guy who is having a hard time dealing with the stress of shelter life. He is quite strong, and will need an active and physically capable adopter. Still a teenager, Sidney will also need consistent structure and boundaries in his new home. He has shown a bit of sensitivity to having his paws and legs handled; though he’s lived with kids in the past, any children in his new home will need to be old enough to understand how to properly approach and interact with a dog. His previous owners reported that Sidney would bark at people and dogs from the yard; he has shown a bit of vocal reactivity in his kennel here as well. Adopters will want to be prepared in the event that this behavior becomes problematic or translates to reactivity on leash. With appropriate guidance and support, Sidney will likely open up and develop into a lovely pet in the right home.

Sweet Carmel is a shy girl who’s having a tough time adjusting to shelter life. She will likely do best in a quiet, adult household. Adopters will need to give her time to acclimate at her own pace; this may mean starting her off in a single small room and giving her the space to explore when she’s comfortable. With understanding, patience and a very gentle approach, Carmel should make a loving, low-key companion. Carmel is the beneficiary of “For the Love of Abe” scholarship, and her adoption fee is being generously waived.

Candy – she’s got spunk!! Candy girl was born in 2003, and her expressions and mannerisms are very animated. She purrs and coos loudly while she eats and she’s very happy when she has a chance to sit in her favorite spot and look out the window for hours (who isn’t?). “Lap cat” is not on her resume. Although who knows?! – with the right person…

Hi, I’m Nelson! I’m an adult Shih Tzu. I am purebred and up to date with shots. Do you want to be my best friend?

Exceptionally attractive boy, shorthair with jewel green eyes, neutered boy, 4 years. O’Ryan is an engaging boy and he needs a new forever home. (His previous owner became severely ill and could no longer care for him.) O’Ryan’s favorite things include gentle ear scratches and play sessions with toys he can chase.

I am already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.