11 Before And After Photos Of Cats Who Refused To Grow Up And Be Sensible.

11 Before And After Photos Of Cats Who Refused To Grow Up And Be Sensible. January 6, 2019

Being a part of our pets’ lives is a wonderful and rewarding experience that simply defies explanation. They’re part of the family and have become an integral part of our day to day life. But there’s one thing all cat owners feel and that’s the desire that our furry bundles of joy should remain kittens forever. Fortunately, a cat’s behavior remains more or less the same throughout their individual journey into adulthood, which means, that even the most adorable or annoying old habits they had as kittens will certainly follow them into maturity.There’s no denying that cats need quality alone time. However, considering how good companions they are, they enjoy having one of their kind around too.

From a young age to adulthood, these two adorable bundles of joy love falling asleep in their old blankets.

This feline just wouldn’t change its favorite spot i.e. on mommy’s shoulder and would sit there no matter what.

The two sisters play, roam around the house, eat and sleep together. There’s simply no greater bond than that of siblings.

From the looks of it, this cuddly cat has outgrown the cozy bed and is struggling to fit in there, but it’s certainly not ready to give it up for a new bed either.

Now talk about gangsta! This cat always relaxes on her swing while keeping an eye on every corner of the house.

Since it was a kitten, this cat’s favorite spot was a camera case. Maybe she wants to learn how to click a selfie.

This feline loves to sit in the sink. It would roll over and swoop right inside of it. Fortunately, there weren’t any dishes in there.

But you have to give her a break. After all, the sink kept getting smaller and smaller as she grew up.

Of course, to her it’s more than just a stuffed animal. It’s her sleeping buddy and she couldn’t imagine catching some z’s without it.

This ginger colored feline loves its “Superman” sofa. It just loves to sit in this super cozy chair even though fitting in it can often be a super challenge.