Adorable Moment When Pooch Falls Into The Toilet And Gets Caught On Cam

Adorable Moment When Pooch Falls Into The Toilet And Gets Caught On Cam April 1, 2023Leave a comment

You might have felt irritated about hearing the same pros and cons of living with a pet from so many people. The truth is that life with pets is just fantabulous. Be it dogs, cats or birds for that matter. Dogs are not only adorable but they probably make one of the most amazing partners. They sleep with you, eat with you and even wake up with you. Dogs are your buddies and will be there for you through your weirdness, sadness and happiness. They ask for nothing but love and in return they devote themselves to you.Pets never cease to amaze you. Every single moment of each day brings with it a unique surprise and such was the case with Maggie the pug.

Maggie McMuffin, a beautiful pug, was found stuck in the toilet by her human who saw this as a can’t-be-missed opportunity and filmed the entire incident.

Maggie, who lives in Bloomington, Indiana with her human, has been described as a lovely soul. As lovely as she looks, she is even more talented. She has been working in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and hospices since she was nine months old. Today, she is a Certified Therapy Dog and loves to help those in need.

According to her owner, she is a cherished member of the family. She is always energetic and ready to embark on new adventures. Maggie loves to explore and go hiking in the woods. She enjoys doing weird stuff and in the process ends up entertaining her family.

Maggie lives in a house located on a lake and thus she wishes to go for a swim every morning. She lives each day of her life as “The Best Day Ever”. She is like the SpongeBob of her family.

The pug has an odd habit of following her human owner everywhere in the house, even in the toilet. Maggie likes to hop onto the seat whenever her human is in the bathroom as her motto is to never leave her partner alone.

So one day when the owners couldn’t find their beloved canine in the house, they got worried. They looked all over the house for her but ultimately they found her in the least expected place. She was found stuck in the toilet and she looked extremely comical.

Though her owner wasn’t exactly sure how it happened, it was safe to assume that Maggie must have entered the bathroom and hopped onto the seat as usual. But what she didn’t realize was that the seat was left open and she fell into the toilet and stayed there until she was rescued.

The owners must have left the seat open by mistake, but they weren’t expecting their pug to fall into it. But the sight of Maggie inside the toilet with a shocking expression on her face made for a hilarious moment. The pug’s human friend was laughing hysterically.

This gave them an idea to film the entire scene before getting her out. After all, it’s not everyday that your dog falls into the toilet. The bewildered expressions on Maggie’s face made her look even more humorous.

Her trademark is that she always wears a bandana. To date she owns about 50 different bandanas and she undoubtedly looks awesome in every color.

The poor pug appeared to be in a very vulnerable state. She looked really confused and unable to comprehend what actually happened to her. Maggie, was asking for help with those big eyes of her, and she seemed way too innocent and funny at the same time.

So if you own a pet, you must remember to close the toilet seat lid next time. Otherwise, As you never know you might find your pet stuck in the toilet like Maggie. Click HERE to watch the entire episode of Maggie found stuck by her human friend.

**Click HERE to watch the entire episode of Maggie getting stuck and being found by her human friend.**

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