19 Of The Most Adorable Puppy Photos Ever Taken, This Is The Uplift That You Need Today.

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Seven cute wiener dogs, all in a row.

There are a lot of adorable animals doing a lot of adorable things on the Internet, but sometimes, you just have to get back to basics. And what is the most fundamentally and purely adorable group of animals there is? That's right: PUPPIES. There are few who remain unmoved by the sheer delightfulness of the puppy, and those that don't crack a smile when they see one are probably prone to crankiness anyways. Below are 19 of the most precious puppy photos we could find. #14 is like a dream come true.

A window full of golden pups.

The cutest trio in a basket.

Mimi Thorisson

How happy would you be if you found this instead of your laundry?


The best sleeping arrangement ever.


Just a bunch of puppies in a truck, no big deal.

They just fit so perfectly in that tiny basket.

These corgi puppies look like puzzle pieces.

Heading out together.


Shelties love to sleep on their backs, and we love it too.


A motley crue of Weimaraners.

I want to hug all of them at once.

This is basically the best thing to ever happen.


A wagon full of awesomeness.

Julie Bernier Photography

Another day, another basket of puppies.

A photo opportunity.

Acting casual like they're not the cutest thing in the world.

This is my preferred shopping method.