The World’s 20 Most Dangerous Travel Experiences, #9 Is Truly Terrifying.

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Wing-walking in the UK, which is exactly what it sounds like.

Do you consider yourself a trailblazer, adventurer, or all around thrill-seeker? If you're the kind of person who prefers more extreme activities, you're going to love this compilation of 20 incredibly dangerous adventures around the world. Nervous Nellies should also put their fears aside - most of these are so awesome that you're going to want to strap on your Bravery Pants and book your next vacation. **#16 is definitely on my bucket list.**

Martin Pettitt

Running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Javier Soriano / Getty Images

The Grand Canyon Skywalk, which boasts 270 degree views, in Mohave County, Arizona.

Chris Khamken

The world's longest cable car ride over Heaven's Gate Mountain in Hunan, China. The cable car line ascends and descends 4,196 feet.

Taimen Mountain

Diving with great white sharks in South Africa.

The Gravity Flying Fox in New Zealand, which gives brave riders the opportunity to feel like they're flying.

Ice swimming in the icy lakes of Finland.

Tero Maaniemi

Mountain biking down the most dangerous road in the world. The North Yungas Road in Bolivia is legendary for being dangerous.

Cristian Viarisio

Cliff walking in Hu Shan Mountain, China. This trail is known for being one of the most dangerous hiking trails in the world.

Aaron D. Feen

Sky Diving Over The Palm In Dubai

Volcano Boarding in Cerro Negro, Nicaragua


Marathon de Sables, a six day, 254 kilometer marathon across the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

The Cage of Death in Australia, where you can see the world's biggest saltwater crocodiles from behind the "protection" of two inches of glass.

Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

The cave cive in Devils Eye Cave, Florida. At the bottom of the cave opening, water rushes rapidly for the ultimate rush.

The Zorb Rotorua in Rotorua in New Zealand, where you roll down the hillside in a plastic orb.

Sandy Austin

Dinner in the sky, 100ft above London's Canary Wharf.

Take A Dive In Devil’s Pool in Zambia, located at the edge of a waterfall.

The Takabisha in Japan, the rollercoaster with a drop of 121 degrees.

Cesar I. Martins

The Sopelana Naturist Race, the largest nude race in the world in Spain.

Rafa Rivas /AFP / Getty Images

The Stratosphere X-Scream Roller Coaster, Las Vegas, Nevada, peaking at 866 ft.