Someone Used An App That Removes Makeup And Tested It On Celebrities.

Someone Used An App That Removes Makeup And Tested It On Celebrities. November 1, 2019

When stars shine… boy do they shine! Beauties like Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, and Kim Kardashian always look flawless when they’re on camera or when they’re out and about. But even though they’re natural beauties, they do get a little help from some amazing makeup techniques. Fortunately, celebs can rely on their expensive makeup and makeup artists to make them look fabulous. But one app is threatening to expose every celeb you’ve ever known’s face behind the mask. Now, even the slightest imperfections are being exposed thanks to an AI-based app that removes make-up tested on celebs, and the results are beyond shocking.The answer to showing a celeb’s true colors lies in the MakeApp, an AI app you can easily get on iTunes. But why is it making some celebs shake in their expensive heels? It’s because this app can remove makeup with one touch.

Concealer, foundation, mascara, all go out the window when you use MakeApp. But the cool thing about this app is that it works on photos as well as videos, giving us a glimpse at our favorite celebs sans makeup.

Our favorite celebrities continue to look just as beautiful with or without their makeup. We just get to see a more intimate and natural side to them that only those closest to them were lucky enough to see.

Most of these celebs still look pretty presentable in their after pic as well. But the effect can leave some fans a little disturbed because they’re simply too used to seeing their favorite celebs shining extra bright.

So, if you got dressed in a hurry this morning and forgot to put on makeup, don’t worry. The MakeApp will make you up digitally so you can look absolutely flawless for that selfie you want to take.

You can give celebs who already have makeup even more makeup. You can pretty much put makeup on anyone, and yes, that includes male celebrities as well. Imagine how much fun it would be to put makeup on a hottie like Ryan Gosling?

Most people might cringe at the thought of their celebs looking like regular people leading everyday life. The app takes away the overly glamorous look and brings their look back to Earth, which frightens some fans.

Sure, they might seem a little out of place at first without all the makeup to facially enhance their already beautiful features, but they’re still pretty. Besides, at the end of the day, the only thing that separates them from us is the fame.

Like the makeup our favorite celebs wear, the digital makeup removal process is just an illusion. Sure, it removes eye makeup and lipstick, but it doesn’t remove the contouring on the celeb’s face.

The MakeApp will give fans a chance to feel better when they look at famous people without their makeup and realize that they’re human just like everyone else.

It’s a seemingly realistic illusion that gives us a clearer picture of what a famous person looks like without makeup. Sure, they might lose some luster in the eyes and their lips might not be as noticeable, but their facial features still stick out.

This app proves that there are some celebs who really don’t need makeup at all. Their natural beauty, skin, and features are naturally beautiful and smooth, so you hardly notice the difference.

Using a pretty impressive makeup removal technology, the AI shows us what celebs look like first thing in the morning. But you know what? It’s now really that scary. Besides, what matters is what’s on the inside.

Most celebs don’t just use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Some of them use it to hide their true age from the world. But this app could reveal if your favorite celeb is a Helen Mirren or a Katie Holmes.

While it’s interesting to see how celebrities look like without makeup, each celeb is still very recognizable. But we probably wouldn’t recognize them if they walked past us down the street.

We tend to put celebrities on a pedestal, thinking they just wake up looking flawless, never putting much effort while still looking unbelievable. But they have a team of highly skilled makeup artists making them look their best. This way, more women will feel empowered when they realize that their idols look awesome being plain normal.

Genetics play a huge factor in good looks. Also, having a personal trainer, and chefs who cook up special diets help too. But this is something anyone can do, and perhaps this app teaches us that that amazing Hollywood look can be attained by anyone.

But the truth of the matter is that celebs are just regular people too. There are many layers to their beauty. Donning a pair of gold eyelids and blue eyeliner is simply one of them!