This Bonsai Tree LEVITATES And It’s A Million Dollar Idea.

This Bonsai Tree LEVITATES And It’s A Million Dollar Idea. January 24, 2018

The bonsai has been a significant part of traditional Japanese art and culture for many years. If you know any bonsai hobbyists, you know that they take the practice very seriously, and for good reason! Although other works of art culminate in a finished product, these plants continue to grow for as long as they live — up to hundreds of years — so you must be able to nurture them properly. This is especially true for indoor bonsai as they are typically grown outdoors. The Hoshinchu Team from southern Japan recently announced their creation of the ‘Air Bonsai,’ a unique product that enables plants to float above a base! The design consists of two main parts and is powered by a built-in magnet. On the bottom, you have the “energy base,” which is made from Japanese porcelain (you can choose the basic or handcrafted version, which is created over a three month period). On top, you have a mossy floating ball called “little star.” This is where you attach your plant. Unfortunately, due to strict plant quarantine regulations, the team cannot send bonsai from Japan. However, you can still attach your favorite plant or a locally grown bonsai to the little star and watch it float!