She Airbrushed Her Wedding Dress, And The Photos Are Dividing The Internet.

She Airbrushed Her Wedding Dress, And The Photos Are Dividing The Internet. September 6, 2018

Colorful hair in shades of blue, purple, pink, silver, and just about any color you can imagine have spread like wildfire across social media platforms and on the streets. It’s one of those trends that comes and goes, but we’ve never seen it quite like this. In the past, colored hair was usually associated with misfits but now it’s considered in style. Some ‘fashionistas’ are delighted to find it in the mainstream again while others think it’s just another tacky inclination for perpetual bandwagon babes. Furthermore, we are starting to see more and more color in wedding dresses. Today, we are featuring a unique airbrushed wedding dress (which was mistakenly identified as ‘dip-dyed). From the top, it boasts traditional white, but the bottom is detailed with a colorful gradient starting with a sort of sunset orange and finishing in blue. We’ve also included some of the comments that people have made on Imgur and Reddit, where it was originally posted. We are all entitled to our own wedding dress opinions, but there’s a story behind this particular dress that is more significant than a passing trend.This dress has had over 2.5 million views on Imgur, and the viewers seem to be divided. Some people believe that it is a complete waste of a dress. One of the top comments reads, ‘How many people are gonna f*ck up an expensive dress trying to do this now?’ Another person wrote, ‘I can’t wait to see the Pinterest fails from this one.’ It gets worse. Someone added, ‘I’m imagining someone using kool aid as the dye, and then being viciously swarmed by insects on their wedding day/prom.’

There are some people who have offered praised for both the style and practicality of the dress. One person said a dress like this is reason enough for them to get married. Another wrote, ‘Great way to hide all the damn stains on the hem from walking around for pictures.’

Before debate gets really heated, we should mention that the bride is Taylor Ann, a self-described ‘MESSY artist.’ We were impressed to learn on her official site that she first purchased the dress at a size 8 (she is a petite girl, ‘barely a 1’). She then got it altered at a place in Huntington Beach. Now it was time for the real work. After brainstorming and testing for months, the bride decided to start on her canvas. ‘Finally I was fed up with all these tests and fails, so I just took my airbrush I had been using to get nice fades of color on the flowers and just sprayed it. and kept spraying it more and more,’ she wrote. ‘All in all it was about 3 layers of paint on each layer of fabric and even on the inside of the lace edge.’ ‘At first I was 100% sure I could do this. 20min into coloring, I thought I ruined my dress. It took a few days for me to regain confidence and work on it again.’