The 15 Best Airports For A Layover… What They Do For You In #13 Is Insane.

The 15 Best Airports For A Layover… What They Do For You In #13 Is Insane. October 31, 2018

Everyone knows that airport layovers suck. It’s as simple as that. They are boring and sometimes you may have several hours to kill with absolutely nothing to do but stare at the walls or play on your phone. Several airports around the world have taken measures to make these types of layovers a bit more pleasant for travelers. Some of them have done such a great job that you might want to visit them even if you aren’t getting on a flight. Seriously, the entertainment levels at some of these airports around the world are really that good. Some of the things you can now find in airports (depending on where you are) are golf courses, IMAX movies, museums, slot machines, live entertainment and rooftop pools. Oh and don’t forget to be on the lookout for a PlayStation gaming area. I’ll bet that you never thought you would be able to take in a round of golf during a layover right? Or maybe catch the newest release on a giant IMAX screen? Or maybe squeeze in a game or two of Madden 17 or take a cruise around Los Santos on Grand Theft Auto 5 while you wait? Well now it’s all possible if you visit the right airport. But don’t have too much fun and miss your connecting flight!If you ever get the chance to spend a few hours here you’ll quickly see why it’s always ranked as one of the top airports in the entire world. First of all, at four stories high it’s one of the tallest in the world, but it’s also one of the most entertaining. There is a rooftop pool, a two-story high butterfly garden that comes complete with a working 27-foot waterfall, and a fish spa where you can get a hot stone massage, some ear candling or a fish pedicure. They also offer a sunflower and orchid garden to enjoy and if your stay is going to be overnight there are several hotels right there in the terminals.

Amsterdam is always discussed when talking about popular destinations in the world. The airport alone is a good reason to hope for a layover there. It hosts a branch of the Riijkmuseum where you can learn about Dutch art, literature and music and the airport also has a 6XD theater. In the theater you can take a film ride that’s five minutes long and comes complete with special effects. There is also a Back to Life oxygen bar. If you’re not sure what that is it’s a place where you can take in some oxygen that’s infused with lavender and eucalyptus. If that doesn’t help you relax for your upcoming flight nothing will.

In true Las Vegas form this airport offers you 1,300 slot machines in Terminals 1 and 2. There is nothing like dropping a few hundred bucks during a layover right? Terminal 1 also hosts the Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum where you can see thirty different displays of the aviation history of southern Nevada. The museum also has a play area to keep the kids busy.

If you ever have a lay over here you will be more than entertained. You’ll find the biggest duty-free store in the world where you’ll have plenty of options in the 58,000 square foot facility. There is also a G-Force Gym that sounds like a ton of fun. When you get in there you’ll find a shower and a swimming pool. You can also grab a massage while you’re in there or maybe relax in the fern Zen garden.

If you ever find yourself needing to kill a few hours on a layover this is the place you want to be. It has a great Aviation Museum, a library and an aquarium. If you head over to Terminal 2 you’ll find the first ever airport yoga room, organic bites and a store that I’m sure you have never seen before. The Freshen Up! store allows you to hop in the shower for a mere $15.

If you have a layover in Tokyo they will give you plenty of chances to spend some money. There are plenty of stores to choose from that include a clothing store and a toy store. While you are walking from store to store be sure to look up at the amazing design of the airport.

Have you ever gone surfing while waiting for your connecting flight? Well if you are ever at Munich Airport you’ll be able to do just that. Take a look at this, is there any better way to wait for your next flight?

Everyone knows that an airport layover can be the most boring few hours of your life. If you ever find yourself in Austin you may be able to catch a show while waiting for your next plane. The airport hosts live shows each week and the entertainers range from swing to jazz and everything in between.

Athens is a great place to visit. There are so many historical areas that it’s a must stop on any destination list. Even the airport gets involved by offering a mini museum that offers plenty of archaeological artifacts for you to check out. Some of them go all the way back to the Byzantine times.

If you find yourself held over in Seoul it just may be your lucky day. The airport here has a pair of movie theaters, seven different gardens, an ice skating rink and an 18 hole putting course. If you venture over to the cultural center you’ll be entertained by dance performances and live music. Who wouldn’t want to kill a few hours here? Movies, ice skating and golf? I’m in!

This place is really a great place to spend a couple of hours. There are plenty of art pieces that have been done by local artist Bill Reid and you can also visit a satellite exhibit from the Vancouver Aquarium. What you’ll find inside is only about 5,000 different marine creatures. That’s not too shabby at all!

If you are an avid reader you’ll be very happy if you ever layover in Taiwan. There is an e-book library that has about 400 books in it for you to enjoy. If you forgot your iPad there is no need to worry as you can rent one or an e-reader to kill the time. There are also plenty of regular books, magazines and newspapers and you can choose from Chinese versions or English.

While in London you’ll find everything you have ever wanted at an airport and then some. If you visit Terminal 5 you can go into the Heathrow Boutique and take advantage of a complimentary personal shopper. You’ll need to because the store is a good size and you may not find what you need in quick fashion. The Harrods store is another 11,000 square feet and there is also an art gallery that features British artists. If you’re looking for fuel before your next flight be sure to stop into Gordon Ramsay’s Plane Food Restaurant. But it might be a little cheaper once you board the actual plane!

Zurich Airport offers you plenty of things to do outside while you wait on your next flight. You can rent a bike, Nordic walking poles or inline skates. You can spent the time exploring the area outside of the airport but pay attention to the time. The only thing that can make a lay over even worse is if you miss that flight!

This place may just be the best airport in the world in terms of entertainment. You may want to plan a trip here even if you aren’t going to be waiting on a connecting flight! They offer a nine hole golf course along with the largest IMAX screen in the entire country. There is also a Dream Come True Education Park for the kids. In here they can see scaled down versions of an airport, nursery, fire station, hospital and a space ship. If these aren’t enough to keep you entertained for awhile you can always stop into the PlayStation Gateway gaming area and play your favorite PS4 games. I’m booking my flight as we speak!