Couple Gave Birth To Twins, Then Used Them For Evil Torture Game.

Couple Gave Birth To Twins, Then Used Them For Evil Torture Game. July 11, 2019

There are two types of pregnancies that exist in this world: those that are planned and those that are unexpected. For the unexpected pregnancies, the parents of the unborn child can go through a variety of emotions. Generally speaking, however, they’re either happy or unhappy. Those who are unhappy should immediately look into their options. If it’s super early on, for example, they can choose abortion. If abortion is not an option, they can give the baby up for adoption. If a baby is unwanted, he or she should ALWAYS be given the opportunity to be given away to a family who DOES want him or her. This is what Jordan Lanie Swenson and Mario Austin Dycus should have done when they had their twins. Unfortunately, they chose a different route.And although it’s a lot of work to take care of two babies at the same time, it’s a rarity that’s usually celebrated.

Unfortunately, however, reasons behind their excitement were different from most parents.

Their parents were 19-year-old Jordan Lanie Swenson and 20-year-old Mario Austin Dycus.

When the young couple were discharged from the hospital, nobody had expected any harm from the two.

They were at home with the parents every hour of every day. Apparently, the parents were busy with their own plans.

The parents finally brought them out on April 27th, but it wasn’t for a fun day out in the sun.

Swenson and Dycus had no other option than to bring the babies to the hospital after things went terribly wrong.

After what the doctors discovered on the two babies’ bodies, Swenson and Dycus will be going to prison.

Doctors found deep and dark bruises all over the two babies’ bodies, especially on their heads and faces.

From the day they returned from the hospital, they began to “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat, or otherwise willfully maltreat the child.”

They caused “physical injury which created the substantial risk of death on multiple occasions,” said AL.com.

In fact, doctors discovered bite marks on her face.

As a result of his parents’ never-ending abuse, the baby boy suffered from broken ribs.

They found a torn frenulum (the fold of skin that lays between the lip and gum underneath the tongue).

The torn frenulum was probably caused by excessive crying and screaming from all of the abuse.

After the hospital reported the extent of the children’s conditions to the police, Swenson and Dycus were taken into custody.

According to court records, however, St. Clair County District Judge Alan C. Furr reduced their bond to $100,000 each.

In addition, the judge ordered that the two criminals to never be on the same premises as children and to not have contact with any child under the age of 15.

Judging from what happened to the baby twins, it can be assumed that the young couple didn’t want the kids.

The kids could have gone to a family that actually loved and cared for them.