20 Things No One Told You, But They Should Have… #9 Is So Important.

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Alex Noriega is a 31-year-old artist from Barcelona. His life sounds like a dream. He lives abroad in Taiwan, travels, reads, and draws often to hone his craft, but he was once in a rough place. After attending an arts and illustration school, he worked as a janitor, a job that gave him enough time to do freelance work. However, he decided to secure a standard office job to keep up with living costs, and he found one in fashion. "I was depressed. I was feeling horrible about myself," he looked back on the experience. "So I tried to put, as simple as I could, what I had learned. Little lessons like be nice to people." The result is a comic series called Stuff No One Told Me, or SNOTM. It's easy to fall in love with his peculiar characters that look as funny as you feel and words of wisdom, not just for aesthetic purposes but for the fact that you will relate to them in the most painful and delightful ways. On experimenting and blossoming as an artist, he says, "It feels right. It feels interesting." **We're telling you now, scroll below for some excellent life advice from Stuff No One Told Me.**