Want Total Piece Of Mind? Get Alien Abduction Insurance (And Other Crazy Insurances Available).

Want Total Piece Of Mind? Get Alien Abduction Insurance (And Other Crazy Insurances Available). October 23, 2019

When you go to sleep at night do you worry about your loved ones being protected after your gone? Well, that’s exactly what life insurance was designed for! No one wants to leave their family with a financial mess. Each and every day, we go to work and save, so we can live comfortably and provide a secure future for our families. Therefore, it’s important you protect yourself and your assets. You never know when your time is up. However, what happens if you pull a Dennis Quaid and get abducted by aliens ala “Independence Day”? Well, life insurance won’t necessarily cover a missing person. Thankfully, there is a solution that will solve this extraterrestrial-type problem.

For the very low premium price of $9.95, you can get $10 million in coverage just in case the little green men decide to make you their next science fair project. You can even upgrade to have your policy embossed in gold for an extra $19.95. How cool is that? While this may seem like we’re pulling your leg, this insurance is actually quite real. It’s been offered in Florida by The Saint Lawrence Agency since 1987 and the benefit doubles to $20 million if the aliens consider you a food source or require conjugal visits. Apparently, this agency makes sure there is no humorous stone left unturned.

Now we’re sure most of you wouldn’t put a chicken in the same category as a dog or cat when it comes to pets. However, there are plenty of people who think of a chicken as a beloved companion. Thankfully, you can purchase alternative pet insurance for your feathery friend that will help when it comes to medical expenses. Whatever floats your boat! Personally, we wouldn’t want to be cleaning up chicken poop 24/7.

If you have a talent that requires the use of a certain body part, you actually can insure it just in case something happens that would hinder your livelihood. Celebrities and athletes commonly insure various parts of their body, for example Dolly Parton has had each of her large breasts insured for $300,000. Jennifer Lopez has also taken out an insurance policy on her ample buttocks. It seems they make insure policies for anything nowadays.

We’ve had our fair share of food truck cuisine and despite them being greasy pits of deliciousness that require a value-sized bottle of Tums, they still have to be insured too. Now it’s important to not confuse this with restaurant insurance which is a whole other beast entirely. Food truck insurance helps protect against liabilities, such as foodborne illnesses and other damages. Personally, we think all food trucks should have this just in case someone is down for the count due to a funky fajita on “Taco Tuesday”!

->**Peace of Mind Insurance**<- Whether you’re trying to protect your assets or plan for the future financially, being insured and having your future organized is a must in order to gain peace of mind. Imagine being able to plan all of your family’s future financial decisions—whether it be a will, trust or life insurance, all from one simple app! You’d never have to worry about being abducted or what would happen to your family if you poisoned a customer with a belly buster burrito from your food truck. It’s time to [take action now][1]. Try the tomorrow app which is absolutely free by clicking [here.][2] [1]: https://smart.link/5a0213e80e513 [2]: https://smart.link/5a0213e80e513

Winning the lottery is the big dream for most people. Who wouldn’t want to win millions, quit their job and live out their days in luxury? However, what happens to an employer if half their staff enter a lottery pool, win and then quit on the spot? Well, you won’t believe it, but there’s actually lottery insurance to protect companies from such a scenario. The policy will allow for an organization to cover the loss of productivity due to staff resignations, and cover the hiring of temps as well as new staff.

Some people just really love their facial hair, especially men who keep their mustaches and beards in tip top shape. For those who love their fancy facial features, you can take out insurance on your “assets” to make sure they stay safe 24/7. In fact, Aussie cricketer Merv Hughes insured his iconic handlebar mustache for $370,000 when he was on the national cricketing team.

Imagine you’re on vacation and everything is going perfectly until a riot ensues outside of your hotel. Now, it’s no longer safe to leave, you can’t make it to your guided tour and are confined to your room. Not really a dream vacation, is it? Well, if you ever go to Thailand, the country has you covered. Since 2010, the country has been offering riot insurance to travelers that offers up to $10,000 for loss and damage due to turmoil and will also reimburse $100 per day for any travel delays caused by demonstrations. While you can get travel insurance for most places, the policy may not cover such events like riots. Therefore, it’s always good to go the extra mile if you may be visiting a place with an unruly population or government that is experiencing instability.

For most couples, having a baby is one of the greatest joys you can experience. However, it is a huge responsibility and can be quite the scary situation. Now imagine you’ve budgeted for one baby, but are given the news you’re having twins! This could be quite the game changer for most new parents financially. In the U.K. you actually have the option of purchasing insurance in case this happens. If couples take out a policy early in the pregnancy, they can receive a cash lump sum payout if the stork happens to over-deliver nine months later.

We’re pretty sure that no one thinks that they are going to keel over while watching reruns of “Will and Grace,” but stranger things have happened. Apparently, death by laughter is a big enough of problem that some companies will actually insure it. We guess if you’re going to go, you might as well be laughing when it happens!

->**You Never Know When Your Time is Up (App)**<- Most people put off planning for their future. While we all want to live forever, the truth is we aren’t immortal and you never know when one wrong laugh could land you six feet under. Thankfully, planning for such an event doesn’t have to be difficult. Are you ready to put your trust [in the right place][1]? [1]: https://smart.link/5a0213e80e513

Whether you get jilted at the altar or get cold feet and become a runaway bride, there are policies available to cover the expenses for your wedding if it all goes up in flames before you walk down the aisle. The coverage, which is known as a “change of heart” policy, will make sure all money is returned from various venues, regardless of who decides to cancel the wedding. Now, it’s important to point out the policy only covers what is known as “innocent financiers” which usually refers to the parents of the bride and groom. The bride and groom themselves can’t get covered. Currently, Wedsure is the most popular company offering this type of insurance.

Liam Neeson could have used this type of insurance in all three “Taken” films. While it seems like something only realistic in Hollywood, you can purchase insurance to protect yourself in case you’ve been kidnapped. This policy will also reimburse you for any ransom money and expenses that may have been used to have you freed. According to sources, these types of policies are usually targeted for high-level employees at major businesses, although individual policies are available.

->**Stay Protected in All Situations**<- It’s important to be prepared for ALL of life’s situations. You can’t rely on Liam Neeson to pay your kidnapping ransom and who knows when extraterrestrial life might decide you’re worth beaming up for a little probe. It’s important for you and your family that you have all situations accounted for. You never know when there might not be another which is why we recommend using the 100% free [tomorrow app][1] [1]: https://smart.link/5a0213e80e513