Parents Left Teens Home Alone, But Never Expected To Come Home To This.

Parents Left Teens Home Alone, But Never Expected To Come Home To This. October 11, 2020

Something was wrong. She felt it in her gut the moment she and her husband pulled up to the house. She also saw them standing there with nervous looks on their faces. Her maternal instinct was telling her something was up. So, she glared into her daughter’s eyes. What had she done this time? Then she saw it. The panic in her eyes was the only confirmation she needed from her. Now she was going to get it.

Chip and Karen were lucky enough to call North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, their home. They had four beautiful daughters named Heather, Hollie, Halice, and Haley. But the couple decided that they needed a break from raising four daughters. However, Karen was nervous about leaving her kids alone in the house for a whole week. She knew how wild and impulsive teenagers could be. They sometimes made bad decisions, and her fears would prove to be justified.

Holly and her sisters were excited as they watched their parents drive away towards their holiday destination. They were finally free to do whatever they wanted for an entire week. A home with no parents was awesome, and they planned to take advantage of it. Holly even came up something wild now that the house was theirs.

When Holly first told her sister what her plan was, they were blown away. No other teenager had ever tried a stunt like this. It was truly an ambitious goal, and most kids would never even consider trying it. But that’s why the girls wanted to do it. They knew that being rebellious and defiant would feel amazing. Now they had to figure out one thing. How were they going to do it without getting caught?

The girls weren’t entirely sure if they could pull off their plans without their parents getting wind of it. But that didn’t matter. They were willing to take the risk. So, they picked up the phone and called a boy they knew. He had hosted a couple of house parties before, but he had never pulled off anything like what the girls had suggested. But this wasn’t a frat party. This was going to be tough, and it made him anxious.

Holly and her sisters woke up the following day and got to work right away. Thankfully, they had some help. Together, they managed to move the furniture and pull the carpeting out. Then, they threw them out the window! If Karen and Chip came home early, Holly and her sisters knew that they would be royally ticked off.

The girls spent the first two days planning everything out. By this point, the kitchen was in a state of disarray. The sink was full of dirty dishes, and there was grime as far as the eye could see. They hadn’t even started working on the kitchen yet, but when they were done, Chip and Karen wouldn’t be able to recognize their kitchen.

The girls were worried. They weren’t sure they’d be able to pull this off. It was too late to stop now. So, they pushed on. They moved all the furniture out of the house and placed it all on the front lawn. Then they began working with the kind of haste only a teen afraid of reprisals could achieve. They were well aware that their parents could come home at any minute, and once they did, it would be game over for all of them.

Karen and Chip stood in the doorway and they were stunned. When they went on their holiday, they believed their daughters would keep their house from falling apart. But when they got home, they realized they hadn’t! An unimaginable sight greeted them. They were practically breathless. They didn’t want to talk to their nervous daughters. They just wanted to walk inside to see the damage.

Karen and Chip inspected the home that they loved so much. Their daughters had achieved something incredible. One of the girls recorded their reaction as they walked from room to room. It was like a completely new house! Somehow, the Schoonover sisters pulled off the biggest home renovation that Chip and Karen had ever witnessed.

The Schooner parents got the best Christmas present they could have ever hoped for; a complete home renovation. The couple had accumulated so much clutter over the years, and the house certainly needed a lot of work. So, when they left for their December vacation, the girls took advantage to achieve the impossible. They put a lot of hearts, sweat and tears into the project.

Every surface of the home gleamed with cleanliness. The carpets were replaced, the hardwood floors were refinished, and all the walls were painted. They also replaced the linens in the bedrooms. The girls had given the house a much-needed renovation and now it looked brand spanking new. The effort the girls put into the project was reflected in the entire house.

Karen was in a daze as she inspected every room. A lot of “…how?” and “…why?” escaped her lips as she studied the changes to her home. Chip was also stunned. In fact, he stood there as if in a trance. He had no idea how his daughters had pulled off this incredible project. He was so blown away that he was utterly speechless.

The Schooner sisters had documented the entire home renovation from start to finish, including her parents’ reactions, and then posted the video on YouTube. The video was viewed over 2 million times, which made a lot of sense. The sisters put a lot of effort in their week-long project, and the results were amazing. The reveal was such a tear-jerker that viewers were moved by the girls’ selfless actions to turn their parents’ dreams into a reality.

The Schooners are beyond happy with their daughters. Their renovation project increased the home’s value too. The girls wanted to spoil their parents for Christmas with an enormous gift, which they achieved thanks to the hard work they put in. But the most rewarding thing about this whole thing was seeing how their mom Karen was brought to tears. This was one Christmas they’ll never forget!