Man Brutally Attacks Woman For Throwing Things At His Vehicle.

Man Brutally Attacks Woman For Throwing Things At His Vehicle. July 30, 2019

Road rage is a lot like online trolls. Other drivers don’t know your name, where you work, or live. Therefore, individuals feel they have anonymity from their actions. This may be tailgating, honking, weaving in and out lanes, and in extreme cases getting out of the car to use violence. In reality, avoiding road rage interactions is to ignore the individual, call 911 if it’s escalating, take a detour, even if it means adding extra minutes to your commute.It was captured by Robiel Zemichael, who was driving in a third car behind the two who were involved in the altercation. What caused the incident to reach to this level is unclear.

They were stopped between Pacific Highway and Elizabeth Drive intersection. The man got out of his car.

In Australia, the steering wheel is on the right of vehicles as opposed to the North American standard of being on the left. The woman crossed her arms under her chest as the male approached her.

The 41-year-old man’s interaction with Bianca Sams was quick. He took a swing and punched the mother of a five-month-old in the face.

According to Sams, the man grew angry when her friend overtook his vehicle. This was followed by the man tailgating them.

Nonetheless, Zemichael says the footage does not paint the whole picture. From this witness’ account, it was the women who put the man in danger.

“She threw a chisel at his car and smashed the car window,” the witness adds. Sams maintains the man tried running her off the road while they had a baby in the car.

Sams was also charged. She is facing malicious damage risks to safety crimes for reportedly throwing objects at the man’s car.

They are scheduled to appear in Wyong Local Court in August and September, respectively. The driver of the truck also faces charges.

23-year-old Salt Ash was arrested on Friday by Wyong Police Station. She is charged with driving in a manner dangerous to the public, malicious damage, not complying with Precision ‘P-plate’ licence conditions, and driving with an unrestrained passenger.

She is scheduled to make her court appearance on August 16, 2017. Tuggerah Lakes Local Area Command duty officer, Chief Inspector Col Lott said despite the circumstances, the man’s actions are unacceptable.

“Obviously with any video footage we’re only getting a snapshot of the whole incident… It depicts a male walking up to a female and punching her in the face. Assault of any sort is unacceptable, especially assault to a female,” he said.

->**This is the video of the altercation.**<-