Photos That Prove Unexpected Events Can Happen At Any Second.

Photos That Prove Unexpected Events Can Happen At Any Second. June 28, 2020

The world is a mysterious place full of surprises. No matter where you turn, there’s a rock with an entire ecosystem hidden under it, or a tree that is defying the odds by growing around an abandoned bike. Keep scrolling to witness some of the world’s greatest mysteries. You may become inspired to take a walk around your own neighborhood to search for hidden treasures. And if you’re lucky, you might just find something that’s worth sharing with the rest of the world.It’s actually a rock found here on Earth, known as bismuth! But depending on what you believe, it very well could have been sent here from another planet.

This bug’s defense mechanism is really neat, but it could be eaten hanging out on a cherry like that. Hopefully, they put this little guy in a safe place before munching on that cherry.

These fishermen got that message loud and clear. What you’re looking at is a fishing pole that was struck by lightning! Looks like they need definitely some new equipment.

You just pick up the whole house and take it with you. That’s definitely one way of sticking it to The Man.

This tram had to stop at the railroad crossing, too! Looks like trains have the right of way no matter what.

This deer’s bones actually grew around the arrow that it was shot with! That deer was not giving up without a fight, that’s for sure.

These flowers actually grow underneath the water. If that’s not miraculous, we don’t know what is.

Take this creature for example, can you tell what it is? It looks like a planet floating in outer space, but it’s actually just a jellyfish floating around in the water!

They need to put that crab right back where they got him. Crab legs are delicious, but not when they can take out an eye, or a limb.

We’d much rather have this than what we’ve got going on now. Honestly, who likes being followed around, being threatened with spritzes of perfume?

This is a photograph of clouds over a farm in Kansas. Kind of freaky, right?

The rocket is reflecting off of the water, making a perfect arch. That’s truly an incredible shot!

The ice begins to glow during every single sunset. That would surely be an amazing thing to witness.

This is a replica of a human microbiome made entirely from pieces of paper. The person who created this is unbelievably talented, but they also have a lot of time on their hands.

Imagine how many times they’ve had to explain that they weren’t giving a fake address. UPS probably gets a lot of “where’s my package” phone calls from this place.

This supermarket sells water from a bag. We’re really not sure what to think about this, so just keep scrolling…we did.

But honestly, how long were those candy canes sitting there? Looks like they were going to waste anyways, so it’s a good thing those ants got a delicious snack.

Apparently, the Ninja Turtles are parting ways. But where did Leonardo and Donatello go? Better check your pool, kids.

There’s nothing quite like washing your hands and seeing the whole drainage process right before your eyes. We can’t imagine why they would do this, but to each their own.

He probably figured that their bald heads matched, so they could hang out together. Hopefully, he found another place to hang out, though.

Can you tell what they are? They’re actually a bunch of snake eggs that are being weighed.

This is actually what it looks like when aliens visit Earth. Of course, I am joking… I think.