The Differences Of Europeans And Americans

The Differences Of Europeans And Americans November 3, 2017

Europe and America both share the same cultures to some extent but there are some major differences too. From language to food, many things are very different.Take a look for yourself.You can find all kinds of cheeses with different flavors and textures in Europe.

Even though Americans are known to love cheese, one of the most popular types of cheese is called American cheese. It’s processed, square-shaped, thinly sliced and commonly used on hamburgers. This would be unacceptable to some Europeans. You can find different types of cheeses in better American restaurants that offer more than just hamburgers.

European public transport is fast, efficient and completely reliable. Mostly people use the public transport to travel to different places.

Unless you’re living in some of the bigger cities, American public transport is completely unreliable. This is why private cars are so common in America. Some Americans don’t even know how to use public transportation.

Europeans have a long life expectancy due to their healthy lifestyle. Switzerland has the longest life expectancy of 83 years.

Even through America is a well developed country and has all the access to modern medicine, their overalll life expectancy ranks at number 33.

In many European countries, nudity is a common thing. Nude beaches are seen almost everywhere. Whereas in America, nudity is not that commonly accepted yet.

American football is all about tackling and running with the ball in hands. It is called rugby in Europe.

The American “soccer” is the football of Europe. And it makes sense too; it’s a ball, that is only kicked by foot!

American arguments mostly just end in proving themselves as the most superior without even trying to understand the other side.

American police are commonly teased about eating donuts. Many of the police officers are overweight. In European countries, police officers are thin and appear to be healthy.

Though it is not true for all; but many American celebrities have a history of spoiled behavior and drug abuse.

While tea is a tradition in Europe, Americans go for easy to handle coffee cups.

Europe has a diverse range of traditional foods that is an important part of their culture. From the Italian pizzas to the love of wines, Europe takes food seriously.

For Americans, fast food is available almost everywhere in larger cities. Hamburgers, pizzas, and lots of junk food are the norm.

Europe has been known for their artists and iconic paintings.

America has its share of artists but nothing when compared to the art of European artists.

The internet searches show the overall comments of Europeans and Americans. Don’t believe it? Google it yourself.

While European coaches are always lean, well dressed gentlemen, American coaches are the opposite. Maybe it is because the game is entirely different.

While Europe experiments with all kinds of music and has its link with metal, Americans have little understanding about the true nature of metal music.

At least they’re both taking a “run” with their children.

Britains and Americans both speak English but the difference in American English and European English is undeniable.