Anarchist Animals Who Don’t Care About Your Stupid Rules.

Anarchist Animals Who Don’t Care About Your Stupid Rules. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Humans believe themselves to be the most superior species on this planet. They take pleasure in believing animals can be tamed as they have power over them. But that is not always the case. Here are some animals that are totally going to change your viewpoint. These rebels don’t care about what humans have to say. Take a look!There are some things that are not under our control. One of those things is to stop a dog from going to the places he wishes to go. The look on his face says, “I have a lot of problems. I don’t care about the signs you put up. I am a rebel and there’s no stopping me.”

“Honestly, how can you stop people from feeding me! I’m bored of eating the same old food you give me. If you aren’t going to do anything about it, I will help myself. I don’t care if it’s important. I’m eating it.”

You can learn two things from this canine; how to dive and how not to care about the rules. If only humans could be so daring.

Since humans are bad at preserving, this little animal took it on himself to protect the tree.

Seriously, what’s with the dogs and their disregard for the rules? When will people learn that there is no point in putting these signs as dogs don’t care about them! Look at that smile.

“Those who fly high can’t be tamed.” This bird lives by this saying. Adding insult to injury is the bird looking identical to the one on the sign.

If we can’t stop dogs, there’s no point even trying to stop a cat from fulfilling its wish.

If you’re going to defy the rules, at least be swift about it. We get it you don’t care but what if somebody catches you?

Goats love to stand on top of rocks and these are perfect to climb whether there is a sign there or not.

“Devoid me of food and I shall eat the sign.” This beaver knows that by destroying the sign, people won’t know not to feed the animals. Smart thinking.

This bear is a fearless one and doesn’t even care if you’re going to call the cops. By the time they arrive, he’ll be done his meal.

This beautiful animal finds the sign so amusing, it’s decided to look at it a little closer.

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